APES Chapter 3 - Global Water Resources And Use


Water vapor returning to liquid state is called

The dew point

The temperature at which air becomes saturated and produces liquid is called

C, middle of mountain, wind is coming toward

Area that would receive the most precipitation would be

E, opposite side of mountain

Rain shadow effect located at what point


Of the freshwater in earth that is not trapped in snow packs or glaciers most (95%) trapped in


Primary use for freshwater

Brackish water

Mixture of freshwater and saltwater


A temperate lake is most likely to show thermal stratification and limited mixing of surface and deeper waters during ... Season

Drip irrigation

If the following method of irrigation, the one that currently conserves most water

Cooling electrical power plants

Largest use for industrial water is for

United States

Country that would represent large per capita water use would be

About two times

When compared with the rate of population growth, the worldwide demand for water is

1,500 gallons

The US per capita use of water on a daily basis is closest to

The middle east

Counties that are most likely to suffer from water stress would be located in


What fraction of the worlds population does not have access to adequate amounts of safe drinking water

Sea surface warms, trade winds weakens

Which if the following conditions may indicate el nino

All would be the result of rising sea levels

Rising sea levels due to global warming would be responsible for all the following except

Warm winter

What does La Ni�a bring to tv southeastern US

Antarctica circumpolar current

Which of the following ocean currents flows without obstruction or barriers around earth

The water table near the coast drops

Saltwater intrusion into groundwater occurs most often when