Week 4


How might a nursing student who is unable to attend in-person campus classes use mHealth methods for learning?

-publications for evidence
-web-based communications for class attendance
-physiologic assessment apps to understand heart sounds

Match the mobile health usage with the appropriate nursing setting.


Which action best demonstrates how mHealth is used in patient care?

Communicates real-time data from patient to provider to manage chronic conditions

In which area does mHealth require improvement?

Privacy and security

Health care providers use wearable technology for which purposes?

-providing a holistic view and treatment
-requiring continual patient physiologic monitoring
-expanding alternative technological programs

Why might insurers wish to encourage the use of wearable technology for plan participants?

Monitoring compliance with treatment

Which methods could a chief nurse use to manage an emergency at a level one trauma center?

-bed placement priority
-hospital-wide tracking system

Which methods would assist in reducing the spread of infection?


Which health informatics methods can health care consumers use to increase satisfaction?

-new patient forms
-health care portals

What acute care nursing task uses health informatics to improve care quality?

Consider all providers notes and patient medications

Which elements best describe a learning health system?

A multi-dimensional approach for discharge instruction

What describes a nursing and health informatics approach to care for a patient with dementia?

The health care team discusses, with the patient and caregivers, an analysis

How does a community health nurse impact population health using health informatics?

-working with the specific community
-developing and educational tools to help community
-identifying stakeholders to determine methods of measuring

How does public health demonstrate impact on community health?

-using the YRBSS
-using public alerts for disease outbreaks in the community
-working with state and local health

How does the NHANES survey apply to community health informatics in children?

Collects standardized data via interview

What describes how a consumer health informatics approach can be used for caregivers of persons with dementia?

-connecting with blogs to provide information on dementia
-joining social networks associated with others
-using internet resources to search for dementia-related information

Which action describes health informatics associated guides for a 55 year old to help diabetes self management?

providing appropriate social network and internet links based on internet capabilities

Which describes the first step to familiarizing oneself with consumer health informatics?

Using linkdln to find others interested in consumer health informatics

What describes health informatics methods for caring for a person with chronic upper airway disease to increase patient care satisfaction?

-using the patient specific dashboard
-providing the patient/family with internet links
-providing the patient/family with links to sites that can assist with additional information

Which action best describes how a nurse in a provider clinic can increase the satisfaction of an adolescent with asthma and their family?

Providing the patents/family with written information specifically designed for asthma

How do health care portals increase patient satisfaction?

-assist in healthcare decision making
-increase patient/provider relationships
-provide rapid access to health information

which action describes the primary focus of technology and patient care?

Maximizing patient access to mobile applications

Which items explain a patient's technology knowledge base?

-internet knowledge
-use of patient portals
-family and friends

Which methods identify balancing technology and care?

-understanding patient needs
-supporting self-management
-using behavior modification care delivery models

Which steps should be taken to integrate a new electronic blood pressure system into a facility?

-select key stakeholders
-include a patient representative in the stakeholder
-hold an information meeting to determine interest in the system

Which considerations are necessary for implementation of a new technology in a health care unit?

-showing need and benefit
-holding education sessions
-identifying technology champions

Which is a healthcare responsibility when new technology is being implemented?

provide input on need for the technology

A health care provider is working with an overweight person with diabetes to reduce the patient's blood pressure

- a glucometer
-an application to track diet
-an application to track exercise

Which health related technology in the EHR challenges nursing practice?

potential nursing burden related to frequent system updates

Which technology assisted suggestions could the nurse provide when discharging a patient who lives in a remote area?

-use of telehealth
-use of ePrescriptions
-health related applications for her cell phone

Which individual would benefit from the use of individual health care technology?

an individual with diabetes living in remote Appalachia using an exercise application to help

For which reasons might a healthcare provider appropriately use technologic solutions?

-education in specific areas of care
-contraindications of a particular drug
-adherence to clinical guidelines

How does technology assist providers with patient care?

-decision making
-patient management
-provider/patient communication