Excel Ch. 2

The ____ function displays the highest value in a range.


A formula in a cell that contains a reference back to itself is called a ____ reference.

Circular reference

The arithmetic operator for multiplication is ____.


____ allows you to select cells for use in a formula by using the mouse.

Point Mode

The Percent style button is used to display a value determined by multiplying the cell by ____, rounding the result to the nearest percent, and adding a percent sign.


You can print portions of the worksheet by selecting the range of cells to print and then tapping or clicking the ____ option button in the Print what area in the Print dialog box.


A(n) ____ is a prewritten formula that is built into Excel.


To ensure that Excel interprets year values the way you intend, use ____.


When you tap or click the ____ button, Excel assigns the next highest font size in the Font Size gallery to the selected range.

Increase Font Size

____ allows you to create or modify a worksheet while viewing how it will look in printed format.

Page layout view

A(n) ____ circular reference occurs when a formula in a cell refers to another cell that includes a formula that refers back to the original cell.


Excel has a ____ you can use to check a worksheet for spelling errors.


Which of the following is a valid conditional formatting operator found in the New Formatting Rule dialog box?

Greater than

____ colors tend to reach towards your worksheet's reader.


The ____ version of a worksheet shows the actual formulas.


The ____ is the order in which arithmetic operators are calculated.

Order of Operations

The ____ function sums the numbers in a specified range and then divides the sum by the number of cells with numeric values in the range.


The ____ button gives options for how to fill cells following a fill operation.

Auto Fill Options

The ____ button lists formatting options following an insert of cells, rows, or columns.

Insert Options

Use the ____ function to determine the lowest number in a range.


When an error occurs in a formula in a cell, Excel displays the ____ button next to the cell and identifies the cell with the error by placing a green triangle in the upper left of the cell.

Trace error

The ____ version of a worksheet shows the results of formulas.


To override the order of operations, use ____.


The ____ box allows you to specify the percentage of reduction or enlargement in the printout of a worksheet.

Adjust To

You can assign a ____ to a cell, and Excel will calculate the result.


The formula ____ multiples the contents of cell B4 by 18.5.


To check the spelling of the text in a single cell, double-tap or double-click the cell to make the formula bar active and then tap or click the Spelling button (____ tab | Proofing group).


When you tap or click the ____ button, Excel assigns the next lowest font size in the Font Size gallery to the selected range.

Decrease font size

If you enter a formula in cells, Excel ____ the product whenever new values are entered into those cells.


When performing copying operations in Excel, the ____ area is the cell, or range, from which data or formulas are being copied.


A ____ dollar sign always appears on the left side of a cell.


The arithmetic operator for division is ____.


____ are those portions of a printed page outside the main body of the printed document and always are blank when printed.


When you decrease a column width to ____, the column is hidden.


To apply a percent style format to a cell using shortcut keys, press ____.


____ colors tend to pull away from your worksheet's reader.


The process of finding and correcting errors in a worksheet is called ____.


To display your worksheet in formula view, press ____.


A dot on the screen that contains a color is called a ____.


A(n) ____ is text and graphics that print at the bottom of each page.


To display additional decimal places in a cell, click the ____ button on the Ribbon.

Increase decimal

____ cells is a technique you can use to hide data that might be sensitive or not relevant to a report.


To select a range using the keyboard, press the ____ key and then use the arrow keys.


The ____ Style format inserts a comma every three positions to the left of the decimal point and causes numbers to be displayed to the nearest hundredths.


A ____ is made up of two values and a relational operator.


____ means that the width of the column will be increased or decreased so the widest entry will fit in the column.

Best Fit

Pressing the ____ key instructs Excel to recalculate all formulas.


A ____ is a predefined set of colors, fonts, cell styles, and fill effects that can be applied to an entire workbook.


To determine the average of a range of numbers, click the ____ in the formula bar, then click AVERAGE.

Insert Function Box

The default view for a worksheet is ____.

Normal View

To determine the highest number in a range of numbers, click Insert Function box in the formula bar to display the Insert Function dialog box, then select ____ from the Select a function dialog box.


The values that you use with a function are called ____.


A blank cell in Excel has a numerical value of ____.


To verify that a formula contains the intended cell references, use Excel"s ____.

Range Finder

In the formula: = A4 / B4 + C5 - D5 * E6 the ____ operation is performed first.


You can apply ____ formatting that appears only when the value in a cell meets conditions that you specify.


Excel displays which of the following for an invalid reference?


A(n) ____ is common content that prints on every page of a worksheet.