BUAD Ch. 10: Online Business and Technology

Pay-per-click advertising

advertisers pay only for the number of times a Web surfer clicks on their ads

Contextual advertising

ads are automatically generated by the content on a specific site

Viral marketing

using social networks, email, and websites to spread the awareness of a certain brand

What are the three types of business transactions

B2B, B2C, C2C


same level as CFO; responsible for such technology; based benefits of technology against the ever-rising costs; currency of system; e-commerce, policies

Information systems

called management information system; focuses on applying IT to solve business and economic problems

Database management systems

data are stored here; collections of tables of date that organize the data and allow people to analyze and run reports on those data

Data warehouses

when companies begin to store vast amounts of data in database systems separate from their production databases

Data marts

subsets of data related to isolate one product or one department

Big data

availability of gigantic data sets for analysis to improve businesses

decision support system

software system that enables companies to analyze collected data so they can predict that impact of business decision; retrieve data from external sources

Executive Information system

a software system that is specially designed for the needs of management; can consolidate and summarize the transactions with an organization with using internal and external sources

Online Analysis package

software application designed to help people combine multiple pieces of information to get a clear picture of the state of a business


any software application that displays banner ads or popular ads while a program is running

electronic monitoring

commonly used to track employees' keystrokes and emails, examine internet history, mobile phones and text

Enterprise social networking

application of products like facebook in a corporate setting

social media monitoring

Keeping watch on the external messages and information being spread about their products in cyberspace


using information solicited from people on social media and internet to help make a decision

cloud computing

the practice of storing and retrieving info, resources, software on remote servers accessed via the internet rather than a local server or personal computer

A business that offers potential buyers the opportunity to make purchases either online or in a physical location uses a ________ business model.


A B2B site that describes current standards and developments within an industry can best be classified as a(n)______.

brokering site

Which of the following is the BEST example of how technology supports ethical conduct in hospitals?
A. Technology quickly recognizes mistakes in data entry, preventing unfortunate errors
B. Technology ensures that the correct prescriptions are prescribed

B. Technology ensures that the correct prescriptions are prescribed to patients

Although electronic monitoring offers some advantages to a company, it may also result in disadvantages. Which of the following is the MOST significant disadvantage of electronic monitoring of employees?
A. Electronic monitoring devices' electromagnetic f

B. Electronic monitoring can result in increased employee stress and anxiety

What is the best definition of data?

representations of facts or ideas

Software that tracks your personal information and sends it to a third party without your knowledge is called____.


The online advertising acronym PPC stands for_____.


What best describes a data mart?

A collection of data about a single product or department that is part of a larger collection of data

What is MOST important for cloud computing?
A. Wireless connections
B. Internet
C. Laptops

B. Internet

Mason's business is making a profit, but he needs to increase his bottom line so that he can invest in his firm's growth. He decides to purchase a business intelligence software package to help him identify ways to grow his company. Which of the following

A. Who are my top 10 revenue generating customers?

Of the following, which is harmed MOST by current regulations governing the collection of sales taxes on Internet purchases?
A. State governments that charge sales taxes
B. People who purchase items over the internet
C. The IRS

A. State governments that charge sales taxes

Molave Furniture Company plans to launch a new website. Lila, the company's CIO, thinks that the company can better reach its customers through an interactive site that allows customers to view pictures of all furniture items, schedule an appointment with

A. E-commerce