Module 7: Transcription & RNA processing

Prokaryotic sigma factor binds to the:
a) -10/-35 promoter region
b) . enhancer sequence

Answer a

At the biochemical level, RNA polymerase:
a. Synthesizes RNA in the 3'-5' direction
b. Requires a primer
c. Generates an RNA that is complementary to the template DNA
d. All of the above are true about RNA polymerase

Answer c

Alternative sigma factors
a) Enable differential gene activation in response to metabolic or environmental circumstances
b) All bind at the same time to the other RNA polymerase core proteins

Answer a

In eukaryotes, the RNA polymerase is chiefly responsible for transcription of protein coding genes
a) RNA Pol I
b) RNA Pol II
c) RNA Pol III

Answer b

Which of the following would not likely occur upstream from a coding gene?
a) TATA box
b) BRE
c) DPE

Answer C

Transcription activators bound to distant enhancers interact directly with general transcription factors bound to promoter sequences. This statement is:
True or False


A stem loop RNA structure signals transcriptional termination in:
a) Rho independent termination
b) Rho dependent termination

Answer A

A rut site sequence is a component of transcriptional termination in:
a) Rho independent termination
b) Rho dependent termination

Answer B

Which of the following occurs only in prokaryotes?
a) Coupled transcription-translation
b) 5' capping of RNA

Answer a

In eukaryotes, a conserved AAUAAA in the RNA signals:
a) RNA polymerase to terminate at the position of the last A
b) Cleavage by Xrn2 & activation of PAP
c) both a and b are correct

Answer b

In eukaryotes, intervening sequences (IVS):
a) must be precisely spliced to generate functional coding genes
b) increase diversity of proteins that can be produced from a limited set of coding DNA
c) may contain binding sites for regulatory proteins
d) al

Answer d

The splicesosome complex"
a. mediates branch point attack of the 5' splice site
b. is composed of snRNPs and snRNAs
c. yields an intron lariat structure
d. all of the above are true

Answer D

in vitro technique used to indicate transcription start site; uses template DNA restriction fragment with upstream and some downstream sequences:
a) run-off transcription assay
b) S1 Mapping analysis
c) Primer Extension assay

Answer a

invitro technique used to validate transcription start site; involves isolation of mRNA and hybridization with a DNA primer complementary to the mRNA:
a) DNA foot printing
b) S1 mapping analysis
c) Primer Extension Assay

Answer C

A reporter gene:
a) encodes a protein product that is easy to identify or measure
b) can only be used to study gene regulation in prokaryotes
c) is only useful when coupled with microscopic evaluation of cells

Answer a