Quiz 1 Study Guide


The Baseball Hall of Fame Induction happened last Tuesday and won't beany inductees in 2021 for the first time since 2013. This is a rare occasion and dealing with the PED era and integrity of the sport and violating that by cheating and based by numbers

What happened regarding the Baseball Hall of Fame last Tuesday?

Deshaun Watson officially requested a trade from Texas and the Patriots could select him and JC Jackson since the destination is always New England.

Which star quarterback wants to be traded?

You need to be careful with sources because sometimes sources might not be accurate, sometimes a rumor and we are not tipping their sources. Sometimes, someone is a niners fan and does these types of stories. However, the Athletic has sources and piplines

Why do you need to be careful about sources?

Chad Wheeler got released from the Seahawks after they heard that he did not take his medication which ensued him to choke his girlfriend. He life was at stake but the team still cut him anyway. They still have Josh Gordon who continues to fail drug test

Who got released from the Seahawks for choking his girlfriend?

Sekou Smith was a great NBA reporter who died during the same week as the one-year anniversary of Kobe Bryant dying in a helicopter crash. Journalists are walking a fine line during the COVID-19 pandemic and have a job to do even if it means risking their

Which great NBA reporter died from complications of COVID-19 during the same week as the one-year anniversary of Kobe Bryant dying in a helicopter crash?

Jim Rutherford resigned as General Manager of the Penguins unexpectedly as they were off to a good start this season and the GM said it was personal reasons. He was the architect of the back to back Stanley Cups.

Which NHL General Manger resigned unexpectedly?

Jason Witten just announced his retirement from the NFL and will retire as a Cowboy for a day.

Who just announced their retirement from the NFL?

The big news that dropped about the Bay Hawks is that they and the G-League released the fifteen game schedule for season and the seventeen other teams will be playing in a bubble at Orlando in the Wide World of Sports Complex just like the NBA did it. Ba

What was the big news that dropped about the Bay Hawks?

Some of the events taking place on-campus were Men's hockey. Mercyhurst Wrestling had a match against Gannon and weren't trying to keep team points and have enough points to qualify for a national tournament. Women's hockey got cancelled against Syracuse

What were some of the events taking place on-campus?

The NFL films put you through the shoes of a journalist as they go along with what happened during the game. You see it from both sides of the story from Boston and Atlanta. It also shows that they need to follow a strict deadline even what they were writ

What did Super Bowl LI show about journalism?

You should be keeping game notes when you are watching the game and as a reporter you never know what is going to happen. For example a reporter covering a Mercyhurst basketball game can't write them off since they can mount a comeback but don't have to m

What should you be doing when you are watching a game?