Quiz 1 Chapter 1 & 2


A key to understanding the establishment of successful relationships among families, schools, and communities is the idea of

All of the above: Developmental assets,
Partnership, hierarchical patterns

This theoretical model consists of five concentric circles, representing various systems that influence human development

Brofenbrenner's bioecological theory

Theorist who posed the premise that human knowledge derived from culture is


Anything that happens to one family member affects all other family members is a premise of which of the following theories

Family systems

According to the circumflex model of family systems, categories of unbalanced families are

Disengaged and enmeshed, rigid and chaotic

Who defines family?


Economic hardship places young children at risk for

All of the above: difficult peer relationships, low self esteem, school problems

Ultimate goal for celebrating diversity in early childhood program is

All of the above: to create an atmosphere of inclusiveness, to be sure that each child and family feels a sense of belonging, to demonstrate sensitivity to all types of differences in families

Family decisions and behaviors are based on

All of the above: culture, income, values

A family's religiosity

Both b and c : maybe known or unknown by early childhood teachers, must be respected just as other differences are respected