Chap 18 Study Guide


John Gordon, Joseph Brown, and Alfred Colquitt were known as the?

Bourbon Triumvirate

Name 3 ideas that were promoted by the Bourbon Triumvirate pertaining to race, manufactoring, and the North.

-Maintain White Supremacy
-Increase manufactoring the South
-Increase stronger industrial with the North

During which time period is the Bourbon Triumvirate associated?

The New South Era

Who held political office as a member of the Populist Party?

Tom Waston

To which political party did Tom Waston belong?

Populist Party

What was a part of the Populist Party's platform that gave a break to farmers?

tax breaks for farmers

Which bill did Tom Waston introduce as a member of Congress in 1891?

Rural Free Delievery Bill

Who was the first woman to serve in the United States Senate?

Rebecca Latimer Felton

Name the three ideas that Rebecca Latimer Felton fought for.

-Prison Reform
-Women's Suffrage

Whom did Rebecca Latimer Felton replace when she was appointed a senator in the United States Senate in 1922?


Which group did the county unit system benefit?

rural counties

The county unit system dealt with which election, the political primaries or the general election?

political primaries

The county unit system was designed to do what?

give rural voters a greater voice in government

One-party in GA led to denonmination of GA politics by which political party?


The movement to reform and deal with the problems brought on by industrialization and urbanization was called what?


Which Amendment to the U.S Constitution granted women the right to vote?

19th Amendment

Suffrage refers to what?

the right to vote

What does the picture depict?

Rural Free Delievery

Which bill would have made mail service possible?

Rural Free Delivery Bill

Explain why the term "Bourbon Triumvirate" was most appropriate for Joseph Brown, Alfred Colquitt, and John Gordon?

They were called that because the three men were political rulers drawn together in a close relationsjip by power and political goals

Because of her reform activities, which group would not have supported Rebecca Latimer Felton?

supporters of the convict to use leased labor for public works projects

What was meant by the phase New South?

New South was a phase used to describe the South's change in the areas of business, industrilization, agriculture, race relations, and social change

The progressive movement mostly brought about changes in what two areas?

Industry and Agriculture

When Georgian Rebecca Latimer wrote for the Atlanta Journal, she focused on the need for reforms in what?

In Georgia's Prison System

Which term describes the use of prisoners for labor by private businesses and industries?

Convict lease System

Why were prison workers reffered to as "chain gangs"?

Prisoners were chained at their waists and ankles while they worked

The populist politician best known for introduce the Rural Free Delievery Bill was whom?

tom waston

Which groups united to form the Populist Party in 1891?

The Farmer's Alliance and Labor Unions

How long did Senator Rebecca Latimer Felton serve in the U.S Congress?

She served for only one day

What is the subject of the political cartoon?

Rebecca Latimer Felton's service as a U.S Senator

As one of the leading voices of the New South movement, what did Henry Grady promote?


As managing editor of the Atlanta Constitution, Henry Grady wrote about the need for what?

The need of the South to Industralizie

For which newspaper was Henry Grady the managing editor?

Alanta Constitution

Henry Grady was one of the first to call for -

industrilized new south

Give 3 reasons the International Cotton Exposition was held in Atlanta in 1895?

The Cotton Expositions were established to showcase the economic recover of the state to highlisght the state's resources, and to attract northern investement into the city and state