Phlebotomy 5

Which bore (diameter) of the needle is the smallest?

23 gauge needle

The common needle gauges used for drawing blood with an evacuated system are?

20, 21, 22 gauge

Through which lies needle will blood flow the fastest?


The unit of liquid volume in the metric system is the:


The gauge of the needle indicates the following relationship: The larger the gauge number, the:

Smaller the diameter of the bore

In general Khama a syringe is used when drawing specimens and/or patients, except for:

Request for multiple testing, requiring different anticoagulants and multiple tubes

Which anticoagulant prevents coagulation of blood by removing calcium through the formation of insoluble calcium salt?

EDTA oxalate citrate

You are preparing to draw blood for mall told Tess and several tubes. The best and most cost efficient technique would be:

Evacuated tube system

The anticoagulant heparin is used for blood gasses and other chemistry test. It works by:

Preventing the conversion of prothrombin to throbbin

All of the following statements are true except:

grey-stopped tubes are used for CBS and WBC test

10ML is the same as:


Blood is needed for routine bleeding and coagulation studies "PT,PTT". Which color tube top is to be used?

Light blue

When serum is needed for testing, which tube listed should be used?


The anticoagulant preferred for hematology testing is:


Contains no additive

glass red top tube

An antioagulant with glycolytic inhibitors "prevent glycolysis

grey top tube

The anticoagulant that preserves the cell morphology for a differential

Lavender top tube

contains EDTA

Lavender top tube

Requires a 1:9ratio

Light blue top tube

Contains heparin

Green top tube

Contains oxalate

Gray top tube