Austin Biology exam 1

Organisms which cannot make organic molecules (fuel) from inorganic molecules are known as


Plant cells

have chloroplasts and mitochondria.

The mitotic cell cycle results in the production of

two cells, each with the same amount of genetic material and the same genetic information.

The tiny pores in leaves where carbon dioxide and oxygen enter and exit are called


Respiration describes the exchange of gases between your blood and the air. Cellular respiration

produces ATP.

Photosynthetic organisms are

producers that make all their own organic matter from inorganic molecules.

Which of the following separates during meiosis I?

homologous chromosomes

The aerobic reactions of cellular respiration require


Cancerous tumors that are capable of spreading are


Which of the following is an autotroph?

pine tree

A process is referred to as aerobic if it requires


The type of cell division which results from mitosis is important for all but which of the following.

the formation of gametes in humans.

Which of the following produce haploid daughter cells from a diploid parent cell?


The main function of cellular respiration is to generate _____ to do work.


The two major reactions of photosynthesis are

the light dependent reactions and the light independent reactions

An example of anaerobic respiration is


Many human traits, such as our performance on intelligence tests or our susceptibility to heart disease, are ________.

influenced by both genes and the environment

Offspring of two different purebred varieties are known as


An individual who is homozygous

carries two copies of the same allele for a gene.

An organism that has two identical alleles for a gene is said to be


A sex-linked trait is most often located on the


The transmission of traits by mechanisms not directly involving DNA sequence

epigenetic inheritance.

Mendel crossed purebred purple-flowered plants with purebred white-flowered plants, and all of the resulting offspring produced purple flowers. The offspring are all ________, and the allele for purple flowers is ________.

heterozygotes... dominant

A specific location of a gene along a chromosome describes a gene's


Human genetic make-up can best be described as one pair of sex chromosomes, and 22 pairs of


In humans, the presence or absence of dimples is a trait controlled by a single gene. What is the genotype of an individual who is heterozygous for dimples?