Study guide for PBT test

Gold topped tubes should be inverted how many times?

5 to 8 times

What blood collection tube is used for sterile blood collection of trace elements and nutritional studies?

royal blue topped tube

What blood collection tube is used for the collection of blood for a DIFF?

purple topped tube

How many times should a lavender tube be inverted?

8 to 10 times

What additives are in the gray tube?

sodium fluoride and potassium oxalate

Pink topped tubes are used for?

blood bank collection

For newborns, the penetration depth of safety lancets for blood collection must be:

2.0 mm or less

The BMP LeukoChek can be used for

microcollection and dilution of blood samples for the WBC count

Which of the following additives prevent coagulation of blood by removing calcium through the formation of insoluble calcium salts?

EDTA, potassium oxalate, sodium citrate

A blood cell count requires whole blood to be collected in a

lavender topped tube

Which of the following tests requires blood collected in a tan topped tube?


What is a serum separation tube

vacuette serum tube

What anticoagulant is found in a green topped tube

Sodium Heparin

What anticoagulant is used in blood donations


What is a micro collection system

BMP LuekoChek

SPS tubes are used in the collection of

microbiology specimens

Lithium heparin is a suitable anticoagulant for which of the following tests?

creatine levels

What additive is found in a tan topped tube


The yellow topped tube has what additive

sodium polyanethol sulfonate

What specimen collection tube is commonly used for hematology tests


What specimen collection tube is used for hemostasis and what additive is in it?

sodium citrate

Adding too much blood to a sodium citrate tube can cause:

shorter clotting time

To avoid specimen hemolysis

cleanse the site with alcohol and allow the site to air dry

Blood culture tubes are what color


99% of circulating blood cells in the body are


An aneurysm is when

there is a weakened area of the blood vessel wall


high RBC count

The liquid portion of blood and lymph


When blood exits the right ventricle, it travels to the

pulmonary circuit

Basophils and neutrophils are



white blood cells


red blood cells




Contraction of the heart


Relaxation of the heart

The atrioventricular valves function to prevent

backward blood flow through heart

A differential count refers to

specific types of WBCs


end-stage renal disease

Hormones are produced in the


Tuberculosis is a disease in what body system


Protection is the primary function of which of the following systems?




How many lobes does the human right lung have

3 lobes

As CO2 levels increase in the blood, the blood pH

decreases (becomes more acidic)

A test request for O & P refers to

an evaluation for parasites

A solid mass derived from blood constituents that occludes a blood vessel is a


If the tourniquet is applied to the arm for longer than 3 mins which of the following analyses will most likely become falsely elevated


Basal state exists

in the early morning, 12 hours after the last ingestion of food

Which of the following analyses is significantly increased in the blood with changes in position


An abnormal accumulation of fluid in the intercellular spaces of the body that is localized or diffused is referred to as


Which of the following lab test results is affected most if the patient is NOT fasting


Diurnal rhythm has a major effect on which of the following blood analytes?


Another word for fainting


A decrease in the plasma volume occurring with an increased concentration of cells and larger molecules such as cholesterol is referred to as


Which of the following occurs as a result of inflammation and disease of the interstitial compartments

sclerosed veins

hemolysis in collected blood can cause a falsely decreased value for


Which of the following analytes will be falsely increased when a sodium citrate blood collection tube is underfilled


Petechiae appear

when small amounts of blood escape into skin epithelium

TAT refers to

the time it takes for laboratory test results to be completed

Which of the following is a possible occurrence if a blood specimen tube for hematology tests is filled correctly but not mixed long enough?

tiny clots will form in the specimen

Which of the following is a possible occurrence if a blood specimen tube for hematology tests is filled correctly but mixed too long or too vigorously?

hemolysis will occur

Glycolytic action refers to

breakdown of glucose

Serum should be transported to the laboratory for testing and separated from blood cells within which of the following time periods to prevent erroneous test results?

as soon as possible

Cooling a blood specimen causes

slowing of metabolic processes

When do the phlebotomists duties end?

when the test results are reported

Which of the following is considered confidential patient information?

clinical lab results of a patient

Assays that require a chilled specimen include:

gastrin, ammonia, catecholamine, and lactic acid

Specimens that require protection from light include those for:

bilirubin and folate

Specimens that require transport at 37 C include


Specimens being tested would not usually require centrifugation in which of the following areas?

coagulation and hematology

For specimens that require centrifugation, serum or plasma should be removed from the cells within what period of time?

2 hours

It is preferable to make blood smears from EDTA specimens within what period of time after the specimen is collected?

1 hour

How long does it usually take for a serum specimen to form a clot?

30-60 mins

Which of the following is identical for venipuncture and capillary puncture procedure?

greeting, identification, and hand hygiene

Skin puncture techniques are useful in which of the following conditions?

when the patient is neonate

When should capillary blood samples be labeled?

before mixing

Blood smears for evaluation of cells must be made carefully. Which of the following features should be present?

a feathered edge

Blood from a skin puncture is

a mix of blood and interstitial fluid

Which of the following sequences is the best method for performing a fingerstick?

decontaminate, puncture the skin, wipe the first drop, collect the sample

What is the best angle for spreading a blood smear by using two glass slides?

30 degrees

Which of the following chemical agents should be used to cleanse a patients finger before skin puncture?


What is the average skin puncture depth appropriate for an adult?

2-3 mm

Excessive massaging or milking of the finger during a skin puncture procedure can cause:

hemolysis and contamination of the specimen with tissue fluids


inflammation of bone and bone marrow

In making a blood smear or slide, after the drop of blood has been spread across the glass slide, what is the next step?

allow it to air dry

Fingerstick procedures cannot be performed when which test is ordered?

blood cultures

Another instance when a fingerstick should not be performed on a patient is when the following has been ordered:

coagulation test

Phlebotomists should ask about which of the following prior to a fingerstick?

if the patient has had anything to eat or drink lately

Which of the following is obtained through a lumbar puncture?

cerebrospinal fluid

Nasopharyngeal culture collection may be used to diagnose

whooping cough

Creatinine clearance is determined through the use of

urine specimen

A fluid examined to determine the effectiveness of a vasectomy, investigate the possibility of sexual criminal charges, and assess fertility is


Which of the following types of urine specimens is the "cleanest" or least contaminated?

midstream specimen

Amniotic fluid can be found

around the fetus in the uterus

A 24 hour urine specimen can be collected to test for

creatinine clearance

Pericardial fluid is collected from the

heart cavity

Throat cultures are most commonly obtained to determine the presence of a

streptococcus infection

The fluid collected from a joint cavity is

synovial fluid

The sweat chloride test is performed on infants with a positive

newborn screen

Heliobacter pylori is a type of bacteria that causes

peptic ulcers

The FOBT is an abbreviation for the test to detect

occult blood

Skin tests are used to determine whether a patient has ever had contact with:

a particular antigen and has produced antibodies to that antigen

A urine C&S should be performed on a

clean catch midstream sample

Peritoneal fluid is located

in the abdominal cavity

Presence of ketone bodies in the urine can indicate

diabetes mellitus

The most convenient type of urine specimen to collect is the

random specimen

Which of the following types of specimens is most frequently collected for analysis?


The O&P analysis is requested on

fecal specimens

What type of urine specimen is needed to detect an infection?

clean catch

The occult blood analysis is frequently requested on:

fecal specimen

The sweat chloride test is used to diagnose:

cystic fibrosis

Which of the following can be used in children and infants to diagnose whooping cough?

nasopharyngeal culture

The guaiac smear test is used for

occult blood detection

The term "phlebotomy" is derived from greek words that mean

vein, cut

The terms "venesection/venisectionare" synonymous with


An emergency care center is an example of which type of health care setting?

ambulatory care

what are competency statements for health care workers?

skills and abilities required for job performance

Which of the following is the medical speciality that pertains to the diagnosis and treatment of skin disorders?


Which of the following specialities would relate to diagnosis and treatment of cancer?


Receiving an emergency lab test request is an example of which phase of laboratory testing?


Assessing a patient for a suitable vein to perform a venipuncture procedure is an example of which phase of lab testing?


Identification and labeling of a blood specimen after a venipuncture procedure is an example of which phase of lab testing?


Using an antiseptic for cleansing the skin prior to a venipuncture procedure is an example of which phase of laboratory testing?


Centrifugation of a blood specimen is an example of which phase of lab testing?


Performing a lab test on a patients blood specimen is an example of which phase of lab testing?


In which circumstances is the phlebotomist likely to collaborate with the pharmacy?

when asked to collect specimens for drug monitoring

Which of the following would do the most to promote a professional appearance in a patient care setting?

good posture and personal hygiene

There are many professional expectations for phlebotomists, but one of the most important is following a code of ethics. Which of the following would be an example of ethical behavior?

respect for patients privacy

The concept of meeting and exceeding customer expectations by resolving immediate problems, and finding opportunities for improvement where no problems are evident, is known as

continuous quality improvement (CQI)

Cleanliness and personal hygiene are important for

Personal and patient safety

Professional certification typically refers to

Passing a national examination and completing continuing education

Licensure typically refers to

passing a state-required examination and/or continuing education

The term "right to know" refers to

The patients right to information about his procedures and who is performing them

Six Sigma is an example of a

quality improvement framework

When a phlebotomist gives aid during an emergency, he or she is usually protected through:

implied consent

The standard of care presently used in phlebotomy malpractice legal cases involving health care providers is based on the conduct of the average phlebotomist in which area?

national community

The federal law enacted that regulates the quality and accuracy of lab testing by creating a uniform set of provisions governing all clinical labs is referred to


Which of the following agencies administers CLIA?


Which of the following has recognized rights for patients in health care organizations through "The Patient Care Partnership"?


Which of the following is the specimen of choice for testing acid-base balance and respiratory status of a patient?

arterial blood

When blood is collected from the radial artery for an arterial blood gas collection, the needle should be inserted at an angle of

30-45 degrees

Which of the following supplies is not needed during an arterial puncture for an ABG determination?


Which of the following is the most frequently used site for blood collection for arterial blood gas?

radial artery

Which of the following is used to help in the diagnosis of diabetes mellitus?


Postprandial refers to

after eating

What is the rationale for performing the Allen test?

to determine whether the radial and ulnar arteries are providing collateral circulation

Which of the following evacuated tubes is appropriate for the collection of a blood culture specimen?

yellow topped tube

What is a cannula

A tubular instrument used to gain access to venous blood

To obtain the blood trough level for a medication, the patient's blood should be collected:

immediately before administration of the medication

Which of the following is the minimum hematocrit value of a blood donor must have to give a blood donation


Which of the following procedures often requires blood collection for trough and peak level determinations?

therapeutic drug monitoring

Which of the following procedures requires two 10 mL disposable syringes filled with sterile normal saline, one 3 mL disposable syringe filled with injectable heparinized saline, and two 10 mL disposable syringes with needeless cannula?

blood collection through CVCs

Which of the following guidelines must the patient abide by to properly prepare for the GTT?

The patient must not eat anything for 14 hours before the GTT

Which of the following medications has a shorter half life and therefore requires exact timing in blood collection for its therapeutic level?


Therapeutic phlebotomy is used in the treatment of


What is detected by measuring troponin T?

heart damage

Synonymous with POCT

near patient testing

Most rapid methods for glucose testing require:

Skin puncture blood

what refers to hematocrit

PCV, crit

Which of the following blood assays can assist in the diagnosis and evaluation of anemia


SD stands for

standard deviation

Which of the following is released from the pancreas and has a major effect on blood glucose levels?


The AccuChek Aviva monitor is used to test


Which of the following is recommended to use to routinely clean the POCT instruments

5% bleach solution

The blood pH determines whether the blood:

is too acidic or too alkaline

The Cholestech LDX system measures

total cholesterol

bad cholesterol

LDL cholesterol

A yellow substance that the body synthesizes to replace old RBCs is called


The CoaguChek XS system measures


PCV stands for

packed cell volume

A less than normal number of RBCs in a patient is referred to as


The HbA1c assay is used to monitor a patients

glycemic control

Which of the following measures a cardiac monitoring analyte

CoaguChek Sytem

Which of the following is an agency of the US department of labor that requires employers to provide measures that will protect workers exposed to biological hazards


The HICPAC transmission based precautions include

airborne, droplet, contact

Proper sequence for removal of isolation apparel after blood collection in an isolation room

gloves, gown, mask

In the "chain of infection", the reservoir is

the patient who is carrying the pathogen

What is a vector in transmitting infectious diseases


Nosocomial infection occurs when

the chain of infection is complete

The blue quadrant of the diamond indicates

health hazard

The use of the SDS format for hazard communication sheets is required by the

global harmonization system

Which of the following should NOT be done for a shock victim who seems to be not fully conscious

give fluids to keep the victim from becoming dehydrated

Which organization developed a labeling system for hazardous chemicals that is frequently used in health care facilities


The HazCom standard requires chemical manufacturers to supply:


What are the major principles of self protection from radiation exposure

time, distance, shielding

The yellow quadrant of the diamond indicates

instability hazard

Class C fires are

electrical fires