PN Long Term Care Case Studies

The RN asks the practical nurse (PN) to complete the remainder of Mr. Billings' physical assessment while the RN addresses the other client's food request. Which reply by the PN reflects an understanding of the PN's scope of practice?

a- " I can talk with the client about the food request while you complete the assesment.

While talking with the family, the PN realizes that the family has very little knowledge about the progression of Alzheimer's disease. With this information, which initial action should the PN take?

c- inform the RN

The PN discovers that Mr. Billings has been taking two other medications at home that are not on the current Medication Administration Record (MAR). Which information should the nurse obtain?


Cimetidine (Tagamet) was one of the medications the client was taking at home. He was also taking metformin (Glucophage). The nurse recognizes that cimetidine (Tagamet) is an H2 agonist. Which action should the PN take?


Mrs. Billings asks the PN if her husband can start taking ginkgo biloba since she read that it can help with memory loss associated with Alzheimer's disease. Which is the best response for the PN to offer the client's wife?


Which action should the PN take first?


The prescribed dose for the HCTZ is 12.5 mg twice daily. The amount available is 25 mg per tablet. How many tablets should the nurse give in one dose?


What is the PN's next step?

C - hold meds and inform supervisor

What actions should the PN take? (Place in numerical order from first action through last action.)

The first action is (B); to prevent staff injury and to reduce Mr. Billings' anxiety, the PN should put distance between the UAP and client. The second action is (D); in a non-threatening manner, the PN should guide Mr. Billings toward the facility and ad

What other safety measures should be addressed immediately at the assisted living community after the door is found open?


The UAP who found Mr. Billings in the alley says that she was injured while trying to assist Mr. Billings back into the facility. What responsibilities does the PN have in this instance?


Which is the best response from the PN to Mrs. Billings?


What is the best response by the PN?

B- people often

Mrs. Billings is still very distressed after her husband tells her that he wants a divorce. Which of the following strategies would be helpful for the PN to assist Mrs. Billings?


Which action should the PN initiate with the UAP?


What is the best response by the nurse?

C- you dont have too

Which intervention should the nurse implement to address this problem?


The PN sees the tin of cookies in Mr. Billings' room. What is the most appropriate action for the PN to take at this time?


Which intervention by the PN would be most effective?


Mr. Billings becomes loud and angry when the UAP does not allow him to shave. Which of the following response(s) by the PN would be helpful?


While coordinating the client's increased interest in activities offered in the facilities, the rehabilitation team meets to discuss future plans for Mr. Billings. Which team member(s) would be included in the meeting?


Which remark by the PN would correctly educate the student regarding client privacy?


The PN meets a friend of Mr. Billings who came for a visit. The friend asks, "Does he really have Alzheimer's? I can't believe it. He used to be so sharp." Which response by the PN would be most correct?