business communications chapter 4

Even for the most routine messages, a(n) _____ should be provided to provide closure and convey goodwill to the reader.


To reduce the sting of an unpleasant thought, _____.

state ideas using positive language

Routinely used clich�s capture the receiver's attention because they are interesting.


For an inductively organized message, which of the following can be used to soften the approach and the reader's reception?

A buffer

Which of the following is most likely to generate a favorable response from the receiver?

Using euphemistic terms rather than negative terms

Which of the following is true of concise messages?

They save time and money for both the sender and the receiver.

While communicating, sentences in subjunctive mood

include a reason that makes a negative idea seem less objectionable and thus improves the tone.

Which of the following is an important step for fostering human relations in a professional setting?

Minimizing the use of profanity

Which of the following sentences has a connotative meaning?

Please do not hassle the customer service representatives with too frequent questions.

Mustafa is the president of ZoneIn Industries Inc., a company that manufactures PVC pipes and fittings. Due to losses incurred by the company, Mustafa reduced a major portion of the workers' pay and called it "temporary economic adaptation." In this scena

a euphemism.

____ are overused expressions that can cause their users to be perceived as unoriginal, unimaginative, lazy, and perhaps even disrespectful.


In comparison with active voice, passive voice:

subordinates an unpleasant thought.

Which of the following is true of a dysphemism?

It makes an idea seem negative or disrespectful

Which of the following is true of a call-to-action conclusion?

It encourages readers to take the next step in a process.

Martha writes a letter to a movie producer sharing a screenplay that she has written. Her letter ends with the words "Enclosed please find a copy of the script. Very truly yours, Martha." In terms of readability, what mistake has Martha made in her letter

She has used outdated expressions.