Civics Unit 1 Assessment

being a natural born or through naturalization

what are ways to become an american citizen

To me it means to have freedom, rights, and responsibilities

To me it means to have freedom, rights, and responsibilities


Do you have to live in the United States to be an American

equality, liberty, and justice

What do think of when we hear the term American

same as citizens, except legal aliens cannot vote, serve on juries, or hold political office

what are the rights of legal aliens

permanent residents of the us who are still citizens of another country or someone who was given permission to enter the us

legal alien

a person without legal permission to be in the us or someone who does not have the paperwork to be in the us

illegal alien

people who came to the us from other countries


the legal process by which an alien may become a citizen


a card of identification

green card

a specific number of immigrants who can enter the us each year


what are the steps for naturalization

1. apply for a permanent residency visa
2. live in us for five years
3. apply for citizenship
4. get fingerprinted
5. be interviewed and pass test on civics, us history, and english
6. take the oath allegiance to the us

how does voting work

you have to register to vote
be assigned to a precinct and polling place
go to polling place on election day and vote by secret ballot
votes are counted and reported to state government

select candidates to run for political office


a person who runs for political office


the election in which allows voters to choose the party candidates who will run in the later general election


what are the requirements to vote

Must be a citizen
at least 18 years old
have to be a registered voter
be a resident of the state in which you vote

the political parties or people that prefers major changes to government policies


political parties or people that typically want few changes to government policies


the party that is known to be more conservative


the party that is known to be more liberal


a group of citizens with similar views on public issues who work to put their ideas into effective government action

political party

the responsibility of every citizen to serve on a jury when called to do so

jury duty


obeying the laws
attending school
paying taxes
serving in the armed forces
appearing in court


being informed
taking part in government
helping your community
respecting and protecting others rights

it gives of different views of government issues and ways to fix them

what roles do the political parties in the us government

liberal political parties want more change in government policies conservative political parties want less change in government pol

what are the differences between liberal and conservative political parties

democratic- conservative-
republic- liberal- tend to favor a limited role for government in society

differences between democratic and republic parties

two-party systems= the us
multi-part systems= Mexico (7 parties)
one-party system= WW2- USSR, Germany, and Italy

examples of two-parties systems, multi-party systems, and one-party systems around the world

what are the differences between rights, duties, responsibilities

Rights- freedoms that us citizens have
example- freedom of speech, etc.
Duties- things that citizens are required to do
example- pay taxes
Responsibilities- things that Americans SHOULD do but aren�t required to
example- voting

duties are things we HAVE to do
responsibilities are things we SHOULD do but dont have to

what is the difference between duties and responsibilities