Mallet Percussion

Identify the material and range including transposition of the: Orchestra Bells (Glockenspiel)

Steel, G3-C6
Sounds two octaves higher

Identify the material and range and transposition of the: xylophone

rosewood, F3-C7
Sounds 8va

Identify the material and range of the: Marimba

Rosewood, C2-C7

Identify the material and range of the: Vibraphone

Aluminum Alloy, F3-F6

Identify the material and range of the: Chimes

Brass, C4-

Identify the material and range and transposition of the: Crotales

Bronze, C4-C6
Sounds two octaves higher

What mallets for the: Orchestra bells?

Hard Plastic

What mallets for the: Xylophone?

Hard Rubber

What mallets for the: Marimba?

Medium Yarn

What mallets for the: Vibraphone

Medium Chord

What mallets for the: Chimes?

Rawhide Hammer

What mallets for the: Crotales

Hard Plastic

What are resonators and their purpose?

The tubes under mallet percussion instruments. They are used to amplify sound.

Compare the durability, cost, and tone quality for wood and synthetic bars

Fragile, Costly, great tone
Durable, Cost Effective, Good for marching band

Where to play on the bars

Avoid the node (over where the string aligns with the key) and in a place that allows for good sound to ring.

What type of roll is used on a mallet instrument?

If any, a single stroke roll

Reading music strategies for success:

Keep eyes on the music and look at the conductor with peripheral vision. Listen and use muscle memory to aid. Keep your stand low

How to create phrasing/musiciality

Vary: Velocity, Angle, Style, and Area

Types of Grips for four mallets

Traditional cross grip
Burton Grip
Musser Grip

Traditional Cross Grip

Burton Grip

Musser-Stevens Grip

The mallet is placed between the middle and ring fingers

3 ways to dampen a vibraphone bar

1. Pedal (Staccato sound when up and legato when down)
2. A Flam-Like motion gradually moving the second mallet from the edge of the bar toward the center.
3. Using your hand

What are the two most common materials for mallet handles to be made of?

Birch (hardwood) and Rattan (warps easily)

Where is the proper sticking area on a chime tube?

The lip of the tube

What is the technical name for muscle memory


Antique Cymbals AKA ______


How high above the instrument should your mallets be?

About the length of your pinky

Italian term for Bells


Italian term for Xylophone


Italian term for Chimes


German Term for Bells


German Term for xylophone


German Term for Chimes


French term for Bells


French term for chimes