chapter 1

how does an artist refresh our view of an everyday object or event

by using it in an unexpected way

what does vincent van gogh want to come out of The Starry Night

the afterlife existed on the stars

how do we know what vincent van gogh was feeling when he painted The Starry Night

letters he wrote

which of the following best describes how vincent van gogh created his painting

a naturalistic layer that was later distorted by color, exaggerated brushstrokes,

what did painting allow vincent van gogh to do

express feelings and ideas

what does the statue of shiva represent

the idea that time works in a circle

what intangible concepts does the dance of the shiva statue represent

the destruction and rebirth of the world, the end of one cycle and the beginning of another

for what reason would an artist create a work based on historical events

to help remind the viewer of the event

how can every day objects be distinguished from similar objects

by adding a unique mark

how does maya lin label herself

she avoids labeling

what kind of planning did maya lin do for the design of the vietnam veterans memorial

a process of research, contemplation, and intuition

by creating a simple design for the vietnam veterans memorial, what does maya lin allow the viewer to do

focus and contemplate the names on the wall

although the vietnam veterans memorial was created to commemorate and event, what other purpose does it serve

as a gathering place for humans

art spaces designed for humans have what kind of purpose

to bring them together in community of interest, to allow for interaction in and around the space

stonehenge is an example of the human impulse to create art for what purpose

to structure and order the ideas of humans

what conclusion can be drawn from the fact that many cave paintings are located in hard to reach areas

the images were considered important to their makers

who created the early images found during the paleolithic era


which are the reasons early man may have created art

desire to create meaning and order, desire to communicate, and explore the limits of the new materials used

recent theories suspect cave paintings had what purpose

magical properties with connections to the spiritual realm

for special events, artists are often called to do what

create a work that honors the event

which are reasons why artists create works of art

to turn ordinary objects into something unexpected, to express their feelings visually to the public, to commemorate a special event
to make obscure ideas into visual objects, to get reacquainted with seeing old concepts in a new way

society views artists as


what pushes artists to create works of art

the need to contribute ideas or objects to society

when artists create works of art based on the imagination, what are they trying to do

make the unknown visible

creativity allows an artist to do what with a theme or concept

expand on an idea to create new ideas

what reference does doris salcedo use for Shibboleth

biblical references to affiliations

how can creativity be cultivated

through training and focusing on the task

what are some of the traits creative people tend to possess

flexibility, originality, sensitivity

what does the creative journey behind many works of art remain a mystery

access to the process behind a finished product is hidden

what do the vanitas paintings of audrey flack and juan de valdes illustrate

artists provide clues to the interpretation of their work

which are reasons for the importance of viewing works of art in their original state

to perceive their dimensions, to gain the full experience of looking, to view any physical details that are lost in rproductions

every profession uses creativity, but artists specialize in what type of creativity


when we focus on the visual information we need in daily life and relegate the remaining information to the background, what are we practicing

selective perception

what kind of perception and interpretation causes viewers to have a different perspective on the same work of art


the ability to switch back and forth between generating ideas and analyzing ideas is a key to what process


suggested by the nature of perception, what is the key to looking at art

being aware of what may be influencing what we are looking at

what theory is based on perceiving incomplete information as a whole


what does producing a text alongside the work Kandors Full Set, by mike kelley, allow viewers to do

witness a slice of the creative process that produced the work