MGT 300 Ch11 Qs

Which of the following describes the purpose and activities of a parallel team?

to provide recommendations and resolve issues not specifically connected to production

Which of the following describes the correlation of teamwork processes and team performance?

moderate positive

Which of the following communication network structures has the highest centralization?


_____ is an action process that involves keeping track of things that the team needs to accomplish its work.

Systems monitoring

Which of the following is an example of faulty communication due to noise?

Which of the following is an example of faulty communication due to noise?

Amy motivates her team, always pushing them to try to improve. Amy fulfills the team task role of


Work teams have the highest levels of worker involvement.


Which of the following accurately describes the correlation between task interdependence and team performance?

It is moderate and positive.

Which of the following characterizes pooled interdependence?

Group members complete their work assignments independently, and then this work is simply "piled up" to represent the group's output.

_____ is the loss in team productivity that occurs when team members do not work as hard as they could.

Motivational loss

Which of the following represents the correlation between organizational commitment and transformational leadership?

strong, positive

The correlation between power and influence on the one hand, and organizational commitment on the other, is

moderate and positive.

Of all leadership variables, _____ leadership is the one most universally endorsed across cultures.


When actions by individuals in an organization are directed toward the goal of furthering their own self-interests, this is known as

organizational politics.

The influence tactic that increases commitment from targets by allowing them to participate in deciding how to carry out or implement a request is known as


Which of the following behaviors is classified as a consideration behavior?

acting on behalf of the group and advancing the interests of the group

Which leader behavior is most appropriate for a group of employees who have learned to work together well, but still need support and collaboration from the leader?


According to the time-driven model of leadership, _____ styles work best in situations where employee expertise and teamwork skills are high.


The type of power most likely to result in negative feelings toward those who wield it is


The use of power and influence to direct the activities of followers toward goal achievement is known as


A _____ occurs when a strong leader engenders different norms and values in one area of a company.


In an organization, countercultures always interfere with the values of the overall culture of that organization and detract from the organization's performance.


_____ are the taken-for-granted beliefs and philosophies that are so ingrained that employees simply act on them rather than questioning the validity of their behavior in a given situation.

Basic underlying assumptions

Which of the following describes the correlation between person-organization fit and job performance?

weak positive

Creativity cultures affect both the quantity and quality of creative ideas within an organization.


Which of the following is the most important concept in determining the effect of organizational culture on job performance and organizational commitment?

person-organization fit

Lionel works in the corporate office of a chain of organic supermarkets. The company's marketing makes clear that one of its core principles is "building better communities by supporting family farms and local agriculture." This statement represents a(n)

espoused value.

The anticipatory stage of socialization begins the day an employee starts work.


Which dimension addressed in most socialization efforts deals with information regarding formal and informal work relationships and power structures within the organization?


Jorge is new to his company. One of his colleagues, Darius, who has been with the company for years, takes Jorge under his wing and helps him navigate the company's culture and adapt to its norms. Darius' behavior is an example of