Ohio Driving Assessment Questions

Unless a lower or high speed limit is established on a sign, it is unlawful to drive at speed exceeding....

-15 m.p.h. within a municipal corporation.
-20 m.p.h. when passing a school building or grounds (school zones) during recess and while children are going to or leaving school during the opening and closing hours, and when 20 m.p.h. school speed limit sign

Minimum Speed Limits

No person shall operate a vehicle at such a slow speed limit to impede or block the normal and reasonable movement of traffic, except when reduced speed is necessary for safe operation or to comply with the law. Minimum speed limits are posted on controll

Racing on Public Roads

No driver shall participate in a race on a public road. A race consist of two or more vehicles, starting from a point side-by-side and accelerating in a competitive attempt to out-distance each other; or one or more vehicles over a common course, from the

Crowned Road

A road higher in the center than on the other side.

Safety belt

Reduces the effects of inertia.

Centrifugal Force

Pushes a moving object out of a curve and into a straight line.


A force that keeps objects moving in a straight line.


Friction between a tire and the road.

Kinetic Energy

Energy of motion

Force of Impact

The force with which a moving vehicle hits an other vehicle.

Directional Control

The ability of the car to hold a straight line.

Center of Gravity

Reduces the effects of interia.

What makes insurance rates go up

Tickets, accidents, not wearing a seatbelt, living, working, school, being a male, age.

What makes insurance rates go down

Clean driving record, ride a limited amount of miles, good grades, being a female, drivers ed.

What type of insurance is required in Ohio to drive an automobile.


What are the state-minimum liability limits that must be carried in Ohio.

25,000-50,000 dollars personal injury/death... 25,000 dollars for property damage.

three penalties for failing to comply with Ohio's financial responsibility law.

1. Jail
2. Losing your Lisence
3. Fines

What is the penalty for anyone convicted of two moving violations prior to age 18.

90 day lisence suspension

If over 18 years how many points can accumulate on a driving record before driving privileges are suspended.


Three instances where proof of insurance must be shown.

1.police contact
2. going to court
3. random mailing

Where should you keep your insurance card.

in a vehicle, wallet, or phone.

what coverage on an automobile policy covers YOUR vehicle if it is stolen or vandilized.


what coverage on an automobile policy covers YOUR vehicle if you hit another object, like another vehicle or stationary object.


what group of drivers had the highest insurance premium rates.

males age 16-25 years old

three factors an insurance company considers to determine a person's automobile insurance premium

2. tickets
3. clean driving record

it is only necessary to get a person's name and phone number if an accident is your fault.


driving a vehicle under a suspended license is a 6 point violation.


the two point credit program removes two points from your driving record.


a parent or guardian can take away the license of their teenager for any reason at any time before the age of 18.



driving under the influence


operating a vehicle under the influence

Keg Laws

laws that hold owners and business owners responsible for the actions of people.

4 ways that you may be affected with physically or mentally by drinking alcohol.

1. vision
3. judgement
4. emotions

what does B.A.C. stand for

blood alcohol concentration

what B.A.C. level is considered legally drunk for someone under 21 years of age.


what B.A.C. level is considered legally drunk for someone 21 years of age or older.


how many points go against your license for under age drinking.


how many points against your license for an O.V.I.


Implied Consent Law

if you operate a vehicle and refuse to take breathalyzer you lose license for 1-5 years.

why might someone be convicted of an O.V.I.

the person might have smell alcohal.

can a prescription drug or over the counter drug be a drug of abuse


what precautions should a person who is taking prescription or over the counter drugs observe when driving.

what things to avoid while taking the drug.

three penalties for an O.V.I. conviction

1. jail
2. fines
3. drivers license suspended

Marijuana can affect your ability to react quickly in emergency sistuations


alcohol affects your vision at least 6 different ways


small amounts of alcohol can prevent you from seeing and responding to another driver's mistake


someone under 21 can be convicted of an O.V.I.6 point violation


before entering the roadway from any driveway, alley, or side street you must stop and yield the right of way. Where do you stop.

behind the sidewalk

should you follow a big truck at the same distance you would follow a car.

no, follow at a longer distance, they stop slower

should you follow a motorcycle at the same distance you would follow a car.

no, follow at a longer distance because they stop faster.

what is the recommended stopping distance behind a car in traffic

one car length

if you are driving a car, whis is the minimum safe following distance behind another car

3 seconds

If school bus stops to pick up or drop off children on a street with 3 lanes or less, what other traffic must stop for the bus

all traffic going in both directions

If school bus stops to pick up or drop off children on a street with 4 lanes or more, what other traffic must stop for the bus

only traffic going in the same direction as the bus.

what is the minimum distance that you must stop from the end of a school bus

10 feet

what do you have to do anytime an emergency vehicle is coming your way.

move as far to the right side of the road safely possible and stop

what is the only exception to what you normally do for an emergency vehicle.

when. you are on the opposite side of any divided highway.

how do you identify a funeral procession

a line of cars with headlights one and displaying purple and white or orange and white pennants.

a person riding a bicycle should....

ride in the right edge of the road.

do not stop any closer than fifteen feet to railroad tracks to wait for the passing of a train


after waiting for a train to pass, it is not safe to cross the tracks until the gates are raised, the lights have stopped flashing, and you have looked both directions.


2/3 of all railroad crossings do not have active warning signs


on the railway, motorcycles are less visible than cars


when driving behind a motorcycle reduce your filling distance


the risk of serious or fatal injury to a driver of a motorcycle involved in a collision is low


since a motorcycle is smaller than a car, it is safe to pass one in a tight space


if we train ourselves to look for small objects, such as pedestrians, bicycles, and motorcycles, we will automatically see larger objects like cars, buses, and semis.


pedestrians always have the right of way


a tow truck with flashing yellow lights is an emergency vehicle


how do you identify an emergency vehicle

red and/ or blue flashing lights

what are Harold Smith's five keys of defensive driving

1. aim high in steering
2. get the big picture
3. keep your eyes moving
4. leave yourself an out
5. make sure they see you

aim high in steering

look way up the middle of your lane as far as you can see (at least 15 seconds). Do this while turing or backing too. Make sure you lane is clear and safe.

get the big picture

while aiming high be sure to glance from side to side and check the mirrors every few seconds

keep your eyes moving

this must be done to get the big picture and keep your side vision working, like nature intened.

intended. yourself an out

make sure you have an escape route in case of emergency. Adjust speed to ipe. space in front and to the sides. Stay out, or get out of crowds. Leave at least 3 seconds following distance l, and more on wet roads or when behind large vehicles (they can blo

make sure they see you

At a crash, the most common thing said by people involved is " I didn't see them!" so make sure they see you. Try to get eye contact with others. Tap your horn, flash your lights, use the turn signal, and brake early.

Expressway collisions tend to be more serious than those on other types of roads because expressways....

high-speed travel

Expressways are safer than other types of roads because....

there are no intersections or cross traffic

entrance ramps may have traffic signals to help space traffic entering and are timed determined by traffic volume. when the lights turn green, you must check your blind spot and mirrors to make sure traffic is safe to enter the expressway.


if you must stop before merging into an expressway, you will need to accelerate more from a stopped position. consider this as you determine the speed needed to enter safely


how far behind a semi should your following distance be while on the expressway

15+ seconds

whenever driving and you observe any vehicle(s) on the left or right side of the berm with flashing lights; what actions should you take

switch lanes / slow down

an emergency vehicle is approaching from behind you on the expressway, you should....

pull off to the berm and stop until it passes

after driving on the expressway for a period of time, you exit off and notice that you are driving faster than what you think. this is called....


what are some expressway signs bigger.

you have to be able to read from far away at a high speed.

before exiting the expressway, what actions should a driver take....

maintaining your speed until you exit into the deceleration lane

what are toll roads

roads that you have to pay to drive on

how many toll roads are in Ohio


tired must be a minimum of how many inches of tread depth.


according to the law digest, how many things can the Ohio Highway patrol check when you are stopped for inspection

around 15 up to 18

lights must be used from

dusk to dawn

every motor vehicle, except a motorcycle have at least headlight(s) on working order


every vehicle must display at least how many taillights emitting a red light


how far must a taillight be emitting red light

5 feet to the rear

turn signal lamps must be visible at a distance of no less than how many feet in normal sunlight

300 feet

turn signals must be turned on at least how may feet on advance of planned changes of direction

100 feet

what kind of glass must auto manufactuers install in cars

laminated safety glass

every motor vehicle manufactered after January 1, 1969 shall be equipped with what

windshield washers

it is legal to replace the car's horn with a bell


it is legal to raise the bumper on a car 6 inches


what are legal in Ohio from November 1st to April 15th

studded tires

every vehicle must be equipped with a white light to illuminate the rear license plate


what color are back up lights


what are the 3 S's

stomp, steer, and stay

to save fuel you should shut off the engine if you are going to idle

more than 20 seconds

when approaching the base of a hill, going uphill, you should

accelerate early to build up speed

the most fuel efficient way to cool the passenger compartment of a car on the open highway is to

turn on the air conditioner to low

why does excessive idling waste fuel

it results in 0 MPG

when is the best time to check your tire pressure

when the tires are cold

tire rotation is done to...

equalize wear on tires, keep the best tires in front, and provide a smoother ride

what is a flare statement about tire pressure

tire pressure should be lower in the winter

what doesnt produce better gas mileage

adding weight on the rear of the car

the faster you drive, the less time you spend on the road, which helps reduce harmful emissions


using cruise control on dry, flat wide open highways helps improve fuel efficiency


safe driving is fuel-efficient driving


how much extra fuel does aggressive, stop and go driving burn


increasing the speed of the car increases wind resistance, which in turn will increase gasoline consumption


a clogged air filter will cause the engine to use more gas and less air


pumping the accelerator after starting the engine helps the car warm up more rapidly


radial tires give better gas mileage than bias tires


in warm weather it is best to under inflate because warm temperatures will cause heat build up


in cold weather, a car should be warmed up about five minutes before driving


a tires pressure check for over and under inflation is needed four times a year, at the beginning of each season

false (every 2-3 weeks)

an oil change from conventional motor oil to recently developed friction-reducing motor oils can help to conserve gasoline


waxing a car lowers surface air resistance and aids in achieving better fuel economy


the shirt trip to the grocery store increases gasoline consumption significantly


what percentage of all petroleum products is used by passenger automobiles in the United States


the EPA Gas Mileage Guide tells

the average miles per gallon one can except form various cars

when evaluating transportation needs, what should be considered

the climate, vehicle weight and engine size, and traffic density in places usually traveled

what are the 2 most important fuel economy factors to consider when purchasing a new car

vehicle weight and engine size

what is the best way to accelerate

smoothly and quickly

flooding the engine is caused by excessively pumping the accelerator to start the engine depress gas pedal to the floor while turning the ignition when the engine starts release the gas pedal ever touch the gas pedal while turning on a car with a fuel inj


driving in stop-and-go traffic or in high altitudes can result in overheating causing gasoline to vaporize from blocking the fuel light to cool the fuel line shut off the engine and open the gas cap


if the vehicle overheats to prevent being stranded turn on the heater and drive to the nearest hope the heater will carry away the excess heat


it's the oil/engine light comes on turn off the vehicle after stopping safely


if the battery / alternator light comes on drive to the nearest help


if your steering system fails completely Coast to a stop with emergency flashers on


under or over inflated tires can result in improper tire wear for steering and / or Tire failure to prevent this check tire pressure and condition on a regular basis if a blowout occurs do not break engage emergency flashers and Coast to a stop


shift gear selector to neutral to restart a stalled vehicle in moving traffic


when switching headlight games on check to be sure the brides are not on if lights do not work then do not drive until the system is repaired


if involved in an accident however minor shut off the engine to prevent starting or intensifying a fire if your vehicle has an automatic shutoff switch check for leaks in the fuel system prior to resetting the switch


if your brakes fail completely pump the brake to build up pressure in the line if this does not stop the car drop the gear selector into a lower gear and apply the emergency brake while holding the brake release open continue to pump the regular break unt


if unable to pull up is stuck accelerator with your toe then shipped in neutral stop the car as soon as safely possible and turn off the engine


if your car hood opens while moving release accelerator coasting to a stop with your emergency flashers on you can see to steer by looking under the hood in the space above the dashboard or out the window


after driving through standing water lightly press the brake to dry them off


if your car tries coming off the edge of the road release gas do not break in East the car back onto the road with a quarter turn of the wheel then look and steer in the direction you want to go


if for any reason electrical wires fall onto your car you should stay in your car and do not touch any metal until help arrives


the right-of-way law provides us with

rules for when to give to others

right-of-way rules help

those who wish to use the same space at the same time and drivers decide who should go first and decide who has the right way to go safely

at an intersection where the traffic signals are off two cars approach from opposite sides what driver must yield

the driver turning left

at an intersection where the traffic signals are off two cars Approach at right angles to each other which driver must yield

the driver on the left

a car is positioned in an intersection waiting to turn left when the traffic signal lights turn red who should get to go first

the driver caught in the intersection waiting to turn left

you are approaching a stale green light when it changes yellow you must

stop if you can do safely without being hit from the rear or if it is not safe to stop over the break and be prepared to stop and Coast into the intersection

you never have the right of way by law unless someone else gives it to you


before turning left into a driveway or side street you must wait on all traffic from the other direction that could be at risk


driver spacing a stop or yield sign list let all traffic that could be at any risk on the crossroad go first


when turning onto a road with more than one lane going your way you may turn into any Lane


you must always be ready to yield the right-of-way to

emergency vehicles with red or blue flashing lights funeral possessions pedestrians trains and anyone if needed to avoid a collision

what do yellow flashing lights mean


what does a style yellow light mean

clear intersection

because light from your high beams is reflected back into your eyes at night during rain snow or fog cure low beams provide the best elimination


when the road is wet Drive in the track of other vehicles to improve friction reducing chances for skids or slides


during moderate rainfall use of parking lights is legal while driving


the roads are most slippery after long periods of rainfall


headlights must be used during the day and rain snow and fog and when visibility is reduced under 1000 feet


night driving or any other adverse driving condition requires you to slow down and save more space in front


it is easier to judge speed and distance of other cars at night


you should never try to drive on Ice in the first time by yourself


a bridge or overpass is more likely to freeze before at the rest of the road because cold air passes both over and underneath it


if your car goes into a skid don't break these off the pedals and look and stare in the direction you want to go


your wheels must remain rolling to maintain steering control




to help eliminate moisture from the inside of your windshield you may turn on the defroster air conditioner or open your window slightly


when you become fatigued while driving roll down the window turn on the radio and drink fluids to highten awareness


what is overdriving your headlights

going so fast you have no time to react

when should you Dim your high beams to low beams

anytime they might blind others

about how long does it take for your eyes to readjust after looking at oncoming headlights

7 Seconds

where should you look if they other driver does not dim their high beams

where you intend to travel

does a farmer need a license to drive farm equipment


it is legal can borrow someone else's license


once a license has been received how long will it be valid

until age 21 in every 4th birthday after

how will the driver know when the license expires

the expiration date is on the license

how many days in advance can someone apply for a new license

90 days

there is a Grace. I'm 6 months for driving on an expired license


a driver cannot be subjected to a citation for driving with an expired license if no notification was received from the Bureau of Motor Vehicles


if you are under 18 years old you must hold your temporary permit for a house many months before taking the road test

6 months

if you are under 18 years old you must have at least how many hours of practice with a parent or Guardian in addition to driver's education

50 hours

at least how many hours of driving practice must be at night

10 hours

who is the youngest age anyone can get a driver's license

16 years old

if you are under 18 years old you're driving privileges can be suspended by a parent or Guardian


what is the most important factor while driving


if your under 18 years old and having a temporary permit their front seat passenger must be at least 21 years old have a valid driver's license and not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol


if you are under 16 years old and have a temporary permit the front seat passenger must be a parent legal guardian where in Ohio license driving instructor


if you are under 17 years old you cannot drive between midnight and 6 a.m. without a parent or Guardian


if a probationary driver license holder under the age of 17 is convicted of having one moving violation during the six months of license issuance the person must be accompanied by a parent or Guardian whenever operating a motor vehicle under the 6 months.


holding in Ohio's driver's license is a privilege


what is the leading cause of death among high winds between the ages of 1 and 44

car crashes

does fatal crashes are caused by a driver who is breaking the law at the time of the crash


a regular drivers license is called

driver's license Class D

three other special licenses are

commercial driver's license CDC, motor driver's license/ endorsement, motorized bicycle license

a parent or legal guardian must accompany an applicant under the age of 18


an applicant must pass a written and vision test


a temporary permit is valid for how long

12 months

the second part of the test is parallel parking

false it is maneuverability

the youngest age at which an applicant May obtain a temporary permit is how many years old

15 1/2 years old

if the written portion of the test is failed and Africa must wait how long before they can take it again

24 hours / the next day

if the road test is failed how long must an applicant wait before taking it again

1 weeks / 7 days

written test are only given in English


if both driving test are past no one can be denied a license


your brother possessed a valid Ohio driver's license before he entered the military service when he is discharged will he be able to drive in Ohio

yes 6 months from discharge

why do teens crash more

speeding, dangerous passing, inability to see problems, overconfidence, and maturity, teen passengers, seatbelt, experience level, peer pressure, won't happen to me, maturity level, type of car driven, and distractions

safety belts are not necessary when taking short trips or at low speeds


about 80% of all automobile crashes occur at speeds of less than 40 miles per hour


the longer the trip the more likely is it is that people will use safety belts


running 10 injury producing crashes involve Spire or submersion in water


in a crash is almost always safer to be thrown out of the car


safety belt should be fastened just above the hip bone


if people wear a lap belt they do not also need to wear a shoulder belt


if you have an adjustable shoulder about there should be kept very loose for the best protection


drivers wearing lap and shoulder belts have more control over the car in emergency situations


over 90% of drivers think safety belts increase safety but only 70% wear them regularly

False only 50% where's safetybelts regularly

an adult's arm provides the best protection for a very small baby


pregnant women should not wear lap and shoulder belts


if the label on a child restraint device says it meets or exceeds Federal safety standard then it is a good one


a common cause of death and injury to children and Automobiles is being crashed by adults who are not wearing safety belts


in a crash airbags will hold you in place even without use of a safety belt


children 13 years in order should sit in the back seat when the car is equipped with a passenger side airbag


what are three types of occupant restraints

lap belt, airbag, safety child seats, shoulder-mount, door locks, headrest

what are two ways that can injure or kill someone by not wearing their safety belt when they drive

less control of the vehicle and follow you into other passengers when in a crash

what age / size child is required to be in a child safety seat

age 8 and under and 4 ft 9 in

in what cause would it be okay for a children to be unrestrained in a car


how many car crashes end in fire or water

only 1/5 of car crashes

how should young children be seated in cars

an infant 1-2 to be rear-facing, 4 yrs old front facing, 4'9" back seat

what are the three systems of Highway transportation

read ways - Engineers need to make roads safe for all vehicles, people - four basic responsibilities driver's license financial responsibility your condition and vehicle condition, vehicles- must know how they will behave and how to interact with them

what does red on a red sign mean

do not do

what does a yellow road sign mean

caution / warning (fines / penalties)

what do orange red signs mean

construction or work Zone must be 10 miles under posted speed limit fines and penalties are double

what does a brown road sign mean

recreational activities

what is a green road sign mean

destinations, distances, directions

what does a blue road sign mean

services, gas, lodging, food

what is a black / White Road sign mean

regulatory, route signs

what is intended path of travel

continuous Direction the car takes

what is eye lead time

the time the driver takes to look ahead

space cushion

area around vehicle that keeps you safe

what is the minimum safe following distance

one car length / 3 seconds rule

what is the minimum safe stopping distance

one car length

visual acuity

the ability to see shapes / letters

central vision

when eyes Focus straight ahead

peripheral vision

Vision in the corner of your eyes

fixed stare

staring at an object long enough to lose peripheral vision

when you move your eyes when driving

every 2 seconds

what is overdriving

driving so fast at night you can stop

we really drive with our eyes and mind our hands and feet are only the tools


never simply move the steering wheel of the car away from an obstacle always in the car towards your target


in steering around the corner you will have better control if you look well ahead into the traffic lane you intend to follow


attitude has the most important factor in driving


if you build correct seeing habits you allow yourself all the time you need for each problem


many drivers get involved in crashes because they look very low the ground when steering around a curve or turn


150 to 200 hours of driving will make you an expert driver


get the big picture means you should keep watch over a wide deep a traffic scene and check the mirrors often


drivers who build for daily driving habits are preparing themselves for a crash that will most probably happen


the average driver has a subconscious fear I'm coming too close to objects on the right


the driver who drives with windows fogged or the rear window covered with snow is probably guilty I'm not keeping their eyes moving


the proper use of the eyes is the most important function in driving


the driver who hugs the left edge of the lane is guilty of low aim steering


If a driver sits too low in the seat it does not affect driving performance


low aim steering habits keep drivers from seeing a hazard soon enough


low in steering explains Lane straddling in the habit some drivers have of going too slow and refusing to move to the right


if you have an occasional near miss you may have built the wrong kind of seeing habits


fixed stare driving is nearly always present just before a driver has a crash


you should build a strong habits of constantly moving your eyes at least every 2 seconds


always check to the rear before you slow down or change traffic Lanes


If a driver has 20/20 vision they have proper seeing habits when driving


a driver with good seeing habits will not ride only longer than absolutely necessary and I've typed pack of vehicles when I'm wrong move by anyone to trap everyone else


when a situation calls for letting up fully on the gas get in the habit of covering your brake ready to act


in order to have a crash it takes more than just week seeing habits there must be some kind of distraction


most drivers make the serious mistake of assuming that they know what another person is going to do


if you build the habit of always keeping an Escape Route open you automatically choose the line of least resistance


looking left and right when starting up from a traffic signal is a must


a four second eye lead time is sufficient when in City traffic


a common driver conflict during the day is slowing down and being hit by the rear


to read steering wheels is not a necessary


you should allow extra space ahead when box in for when on slippery roads


adjusting your speed is a good way to deal with one problem at a time


following too closely is a good way to get the big picture


when was all a big picture viewing is a better check at intersections


the Smith system could be described as the ultimate in defensive driving


when driving you should have a steering path planned out a hundred feet ahead of you


your central cone vision is always known as your identification vision


best drivers use their eyes correctly while driving


a crash is always an unexpected event if you are expecting a crash you will probably never have one


peripheral vision detects movement of other objects


what are some 2 violations when driving

moving violations and restrictions

what are some 4 point violation when driving

underage drinking, exceeding speed limit by 30 miles per hour or more, Reckless operation

consequences for drinking and driving

6 point violation for driving intoxicated and three days in jail and three days in Driver's Intervention School

what should you have in an emergency kit for your car

flashlight with extra batteries, first aid kit, sharp knife, small box of tools, duct tape

how to get out of skidding / sliding

looking steer in the direction you want to go

what is four-wheel drive

the car operates better handles better and adds weight but makes it harder to stop