World History- World War 2

Island Hoping

Fighting one battle at a time in the Pacific, going from island to island

Pearl Harbor

Surprise Attack that brings US into War

Yalta Conference

Big 3 meet in Europe to decide post war Europe

Munich Pact

Gave Germany the Sudetenland

Potsdam Conference

Meeting of new heads of Government to expand on Yalta

V-J Day

Official end of the War in the Pacific

Operation Fortitude

Decoy to distract Hitler for D-Day

Battle of Stalingrad

Major Turning point in War in Europe Aug 23, 1942

V-E Day

Official end of the War in Europe May 8, 1945

Tokyo Trials

Trials to bring Japanese war criminals to justice.

Manhattan Project

Developed and tested the Atomic Bomb


Allie invasion of France June 6, 1944


Final city targeted in Atomic Bomb attacks


First city targeted in Atomic Bomb Attacks

Policy of Appeasement

Giving Hitler his demands so war doesn't start


Systematic murder of 11 million people

Non- Aggression Pact

Russia and Germany will not attack each other

Nuremberg Trials

Charges against nazi Generals


Lightening War


Political Party in power of Germany in 1930's


Systematic extinction of a race.

Trench Warfare

Stagnated & Prolonged WW1, Blitzkrieg avoided it

Treaty of Versailles

End WW1 & Fuels start of WW2

Sept. 2 1945

VJ Day

May 8 1945

VE Day

April 12 1945

FDR Dies

June 6 1944


June 4 1942

Battle of Midway

Emperor Hirohito

Figure head of Japan

Dec. 7 1941

Pearl Harbor Attack

George Patton

Battle of the Bulge General

Harry Truman

Decided to drop the Atomic Bomb

Hidecki Tojo

Japanese Leader of WW2

Josef Stalin

Russian leader of WW2

Clement Attlee

Prime Minister of England after Churchill

Franklin Roosevelt

President of World War 2

Robert Oppenheimer

Developed the Atomic Bomb

Benito Mussolini

Italian Leader of World War 2

Douglas MacArthur

Commander of Pacific Defense

Adolf Hitler

German Leader of World War 2

Fransico Franco

Spanish leader of WW2

Dwight D Eisenhower

Commander fo D-Day

Charles DeGaulle

French General/Leader during WW2

Winston Churchill

GB Prime Minister of WW2

N. Chamberlain

Pre WW 2 policy of appeasement leader


Totalitarian government of Russia following the Bolshevick Revolution

Surrender of Italy

Oct. 13 1943 Italy Surrenders to The Allies (American Dwight D Eisenhower accepts)

Invasion of Poland

Sept 01 1939- Germany invades Poland resulting in the official start of World War II.

Long March

Military retreat of the Communist that lead to Mao Zedong taking control

May Fourth Movement

Students protesting the Chinese Government after WW1

Cultural Revolution

Cleansing China of un-pure traditions of the 4 olds. Used to strengthen Communism.

Great Leap Forward

Shifting of Chinese economy from Agriculture to Industry. Lead to famine and large loss of lives.

Marco Polo Bridge Incident

Japan and China battle in the beginning of WW2. Leads to Japan being more offensive and aggressive in China.


Building of military to promote diplomacy.

Chaing Kai-Shek

Leader of the Chinese Nationalist party or the KMT.

Mao Zedong

Communist leader of China. Comes to power after the Chinese revolution of 1949

Qing Dynasty

Last Imperialist dynasty of China.


Japanese land base in Asia

Red Guard

Execute the orders of the Cultural Revolution.


Founded Republic of China.