Antidepressant pharmacology

Name SSRI (7)

citalopram(celexa), escitalopram (lexapro), fluoxetine (prozac), fluvoxamine, paroxetine (paxil), sertraline (zoloft), vortixetine (trintellix)

Name SNRI (4)

desvenlafaxine (pristiq), duloxetine (cymbalta), levomilnacipran (fetzima), and venlafaxine (effexor)

What can fluoxitine also be used for (SSRI)

bipolar, ocd, panic disorder, bulimia, premenstrual dysphoric disorder

What is venlafaxine also used for (SNRI)

major depression, GAD, social anxiety disorder, and panic disorder

TCAs can be used for

depression, fibromyalgia, neuropathic pain, insomnia, ADHD, and panic disorder

What can be caused from MOA and tyramine?

Hypertensive crisis

What antidepressant should be prescribed for a patient with fatigue?

Fluoxetine (SSRI), buproprion

Buproprion is an atypical antidepressant without the normal side effects of?

weight gain and sexual dysfunction

What is the most common side effect of mirtazapine (Remeron)