digital imaging

digital imaging processing refers to

computer manipulations applied to digital images

A combination of rows and columns (array) of pixels is called a:


the size of a pixel is measured in


the number of bits that determines the amount of precision in digitizing the analog signal and the number of gray shades that can be displayed in the image is the:

bit depth

The pixel bit depth determines the image's:

contrast resolution

the number of pixels per unit area is called the

pixel density

The pixel spacing or distance measured from the center of a pixel to an adjacent pixel is called the:

pixel pitch

The measure of the imaging system's ability to display the contrast of anatomic objects varying in size is the:

modulation transfer function

the _____ collects, amplifies, and converts visible light to an electrical signal


In the CR reader unit, the IP is scanned with a(n):

helium- neon laser beam

How often the analog signal is digitized is the:

sampling frequency

the distance between the analog point being sampled is the

sampling pitch

_______ can be removed from the bucky and is used on the tabletop or a stretcher

flat panel detector

DR imaging systems briefly store the electrical charge in the:


The ability of the detector to accurately capture the variety of photon intensities in the remnant radiation is:

dynamic range

the measurement of the efficiency of an image receptor in converting the x-ray exposure it receives to a quality radiographic image is the

detective quantum efficiency

a method of describing the strength of the radiation exposure compared with the amount of noise apparent in the digital image is the

signal to noise ratio

a method of describing the contrast resolution compared with the amount of noise apparent in a digital image is the:

contrast to noise ratio

which of the following is not accomplished through the histogram analysis

manipulation of image contrast

the histogram analysis represents the _______ for different exposure levels

incidence of pixels

the range of the histogram data set that should be included in the displayed image is determined by the


the numerical value indicating the level of radiation exposure to the digital IR is the

exposure indicator

a value that reflects the difference between the desired or target exposure to the IR and the actual exposure to the IR is the:

deviation index (DI)

the _____ provides a method of altering the image to change the display of the digital image

lookup table

An example of a scintillator used in an indirect conversion detector is:
a. cesium iodide
b. gadolinium oxysulfide
c. amorphous selenium

a and c

the indirect conversion detector uses

Scintillator and photodetector

the computer system designed to distribute, store, and display digital images is


diagnostic interpretation should be done at a high-resolution ______ display monitor

5 megapixel

the communication standard for information sharing between PACS and imaging modalities is the