Radi 102 of 100% Spring 2019 week11


DRG is a patient classification system that describes the case mix of a hospital.


Codes represent terms used in health and healthcare


Natural Language Processing (NLP) is the ability to take unstructured data and create structured data.


Free text can always be exactly interpreted by computers.


HCPCS codes are classified in three levels.


The International Classification of Diseases,Tenth Revision, and Clinical Modification code classifies

morbidity data from the inpatient and outpatient records

Which coding system gives us a statistical classification that arranges diseases and injuries into code categories according to established criteria?

ICD-9 codes

Which coding system is used to describe treatment services rendered by a hospital , clinic or physician's office to a patient?

CPT codes

Vital statistics typically uses the ___________ coding system


Systematic placement of things or concepts into categories or classes, which share some common attribute, quality or property" is the definition of ?


Information that requires a human to observe, read and interact with it is considered?

unstructured data

Information that is a pre-defined set of responses to a pre-defined set of questions is considered?

structured data

Which of these radiology systems would be the best example of NLP?

Voice recognition dictation system

What refers to documentation and organization of structured data for communication between different systems and entities?

data model

Which organization developed UMLS?

national library of medicine

SNOMED is developed and maintained by ?

College of American Pathologists

LOINC is used primarily in conjunction with ?

lab tests

When is the first day healthcare organizations can begin using ICD-10 codes?

October 1 2015

What are the two types of data coding systems work with?

structured data; unstructured data

What are the six components of a code system?

Coding scheme; Concept; Relationship; Display term; Value set; Vocabulary