COMM 2040


Define persuasion.

Persuasion is ethical but intentional and attempts to influence behaviors, values, beliefs, and attitudes

Identify and describe the 3 different types of persuasive speaking.

Speech to Convince: This seeks agreement but does not require any action
Speech to Activate: This seeks agreement but also asks for action
Speech to Intensify Social Cohesion: This seeks agreement and action but also seeks a higher level of enthusiasm suc

Identify and describe Aristotle's three rhetorical appeals.

Ethos: This appeals to ethics, meaning before you can make the audience accept anything you say, they have to accept you first (character)
Pathos: This appeals to the audience's emotions, meaning its easier to persuade the audience if they can relate to y

What type of persuasive speech would be appropriate if your audience is your class, and your topic is "We must all do more to stop domestic violence." Briefly explain your answer.

I think the best form of speech would be to Intensify Social Cohesion because this is a very real and serious issue in a lot of peoples life's. First we need to agree that it has to stop because there is no good from violence. Second there needs to be act

Identify and describe the 5 elements of Toulmin's model of persuasion discussed in this week's lecture:

1. Claim: The "what" of the argument. What is it that you want to pursue?
2. Evidence: Supports the claim; the "Why?"
3. Warrant: Chain of reasoning that shows how evidence supports the claim; the "so what?"
4. Backing- Supports the warrant
Rebuttal: Is a

The transactional model of communication is more satisfying because it

is representative of how communication actually happens

The process of choosing language or nonverbal behaviors to convey your message is referred to as


The process of determining what a speaker's language or nonverbal behavior means is referred to as


A listener's verbal, visual, and vocal responses to a speaker's message are known as


Aristotle identified three artistic proofs in rhetoric. They are:

ethos, pathos, logos

___________is the appeal to logic.


_________________is the appeal to emotion.


______________is appealing to one's credibility or character.


Ethical public speaking could be said to have all EXCEPT the following qualities:


In 1-2 sentences, explain one way to deal with speaker anxiety.

To deal with speaker anxiety you can "shake out" extremities to help get the nerves out. Another way you can calm yourself is to take a deep breath and make sure you focus on your breathing. This helps calm the nerves and can help reduce anxiety.

Marley is nervous about her upcoming presentation. She normally experiences a shaky voice, trembling hands, and brain fog when she is highly nervous. Please give Marley 5 tips for managing her anxiety:

1 tip for Marley would be to "shake out" her extremities before walking up and giving her presentation
2: tell yourself to slowdown through out the speech so you dont get ahead of yourself
3. Take deep controlled breathes to help with shaky voice
4. Consi

When analyzing the audience, situational analysis refers to:

The audience size and the audience members' expectations about the topic

Voluntary audiences tend to be

c. People who have a particular interest in hearing you and your topic

Life goals or ideal states of being are

terminal values

A feeling of approval or disapproval of a person, group, idea or event is defined as

an attitude

The mental acceptance that something is true, even if we can't prove it is true is

a belief

In this stage of listening, listeners select or ignore one or more stimuli from the multitude of stimuli that continually bombard us.

receiving stage

Which of the following is NOT a basic stage of listening?


In this stage of listening, listeners supply meaning to the messages that they have seen, heard, and felt:

interpreting stage

The goal of this listening stage is to understand.

comprehending stage

A listener's verbal, visual, and vocal responses to a speaker's message are known as:


When arranging a speech in topical pattern

The most important point could be either first or last

A speaker's main points are
Where to look for collectibles
Price guides for antique shopping
Negotiating with dealers
The speaker is using which organizational pattern?


A speaker's main points are:
Clipping a poodle's head
Clipping a poodles midsection
Clipping a poodle's legs
Clipping a poodle's tail
The speaker is using which organizational pattern?


List the steps of Monroe's motivated sequence.


Pick one of the speeches you have given this semester and do the following:
Define ethos, pathos, and logos. Then, identify one example each of the rhetorical strategies, ethos, logos, and pathos that you used in your speech.

Ethos: Is appealing to one's character
Pathos: Is the appeal to emotion
Logos: Is the appeal to logic
In my final impromptu speech I had talked about my struggles of being cut from a team. In the speech I displayed pathos by telling the audience after I d

A fallacy is an error in


Red Herring fallacy is one that

sidetracks the argument

In a discussion over tax rates, Sam stated "My opponent suggests that lowering taxes will be a good idea´┐Żbut she is wrong because lower taxes is not good for society" Benjamin's assertion is an example of what kind of logical fallacy?

Begging the question

Marco argued that UNT should adopt a program to help increase voting participation because most of the universities in Texas participate in such a program. Marco's argument contains what type of fallacy?


An Ad Hominem attack is one that
Sidetracks the argument
Circular in logic
Changes the subject
Focuses on the individual rather than the argument

focuses on the individual rather than the argument