Women Quizzes


Burn, Ch. 1: The _____ theory argues that patriarchy developed in the Neolithic period with the introduction of agriculture in which the labor of children was needed to increase production and surpluses?


Burn, Ch. 1: The sole purpose of global women's studies is to gain a scholarly understanding of cross-cultural gender inequality; this is viewed as being an end in and of itself.


Burn, Ch. 1: Even today, gender inequality affects women everywhere in both enormous and profound ways.


Burn, Ch. 1: Social constructivist and sociocultural explanations for gender inequality stress that

there are important differences between "sex" and "gender," gendered power relations are socially constructed, and gender is dynamic.

Burn, Ch. 1: _____ is/are women's ability to advocate for their rights to make decisions in their public and private lives.


Burn, Ch. 1: Historically, men's work in the private sphere led to them having both greater property rights and economic and political power.


The Girl Effect: Where was Srey Rath from originally?

rural Cambodia

Half the Sky: In "The Girl Effect," Chinese girls and women

are the linchpin of China's economic boom because of their cheap labor in factories.

Anne and Angeline: How did Ann initially raise funds for school fees for girls in Zimbabwe?

selling homemade sandwiches and cakes in the market in England

Anne and Angeline: All of the following aspect of Angeline's life are true EXCEPT which one?

she became the headmistress of the school thanks to Ann Cotton

Burn, Ch. 1: Women's experiences vary widely due to ____, which may be described as the interplay between different social categories (e.g., age, race). Their experiences are also influenced by the political, historical, and economic ___ in which they occ

intersectionality; contexts

Burn, Ch. 1: An individual who describes gender inequality as a social, historical, and alterable phenomenon is utilizing a(n) _____ explanation.


Burn, Ch. 1: According to social roles theory, people develop gender stereotypes when they see

men and women in different gendered roles.

Burn, Ch. 1: The idea that right and wrong are culturally determined is called

cultural relativism

Burn, Ch. 1: Which of the following reasons does NOT support the fact that the global study of women is rich and rewarding?

It offers insights into the differential structures of the female brain.

Half the Sky: In "The Girl Effect," Kristof and WuDunn note that modernization and technology have

aggravated discrimination by introducing ultrasound machines and sex-selective abortion.

The Girl Effect: Gender equality yields a/an _____ by elevating women, children, and communities.

double dividend

Investing in Education: All of the following are the results of the Oportunidades program? Which one is NOT?

boys were more likely to be educated than girls

Investing in Education: What was the problem with FemCare's program to distribute pads in Africa?

cultural taboos about disposing bloody pads required expensive incinerators

Burn, Ch. 2: Dowry murders occur in which country/countries?

India, Bangladesh, Pakistan

Burn, Ch. 2: Which of the following statements is NOT applicable to forced marriage?

Coercion and deception are often not involved.

Burn, Ch. 2: When wives are murdered by their husbands or in-laws for dowry purposes, it is called "dowry murder." Dowry murder can occur under all of the circumstances, EXCEPT which of the following?

The husband realized that he and his wife are not romantically compatible

Burn, Ch. 2: Honor killing is a tradition whereby a man is obliged to kill a close female blood relative if she does something to dishonor her family. Which of the following statements about honor killing is FALSE?

Women are commonly targeted for honor killing when they neglect to wear makeup.

Burn, Ch. 2: Which of the following is NOT a consequence of men's greater economic power, according to Burn?

It gives women the ability to have a say in household decisions

Burn, Ch. 2: In some countries, bride kidnapping has developed as way for poor men to avoid paying the bride price (which involves the groom giving money, goods, or livestock to the parents of the bride in return for her hand). However, even in the countr


Burn, Ch. 2: Honor killings involve _____.

a male family member killing a female blood relative who dishonors the family

Mukhtar's School: What happened when Nick's column brought attention to the rape of Mukhtar and people contributed $430,000?

all of these

Rule by Rape: What is Rapex?

a tube with barbs inside that clamps on to a man's penis who rapes a woman

Mukhtar's School: Why did Mukhtar find the interviews by US journalists tiresome?

they were only interested in the rape

Burn, Ch. 2: Women's political influence comes primarily from their _____.

activities in grassroots organizations.

Burn, Ch. 2: Due to what is known as "son preference," families in many countries value male children over female children. This often results in the purposeful killing, abandonment, and/or neglect of female infants. However, the male-to-female ratios in


Burn, Ch. 2: Burn argues that in many countries, Intimate Partner Violence is hard for women to escape from because of all of the following EXCEPT which one?

Lack of strength to fight men physically

Burn, Ch. 2: While there are still far more poor women than poor men worldwide, the gap has closed immensely in the past decade.


Mukhtar's School: With increasing contributions, Mukhtar expanded her activities in all of the following ways EXCEPT which one?

she began operating a girls' but not boys' high school

Rule by Rape: All of the following occurred as concerns Woineshet and Aberew EXCEPT which one?

Aberew was put in prison where he remained for a decade

Rule by Rape": Kristof and WuDunn argue that

writing letters had no impact on shaming Ethiopia into changing harmful tribal practices toward women.

Burn, Ch. 3: _____ refers to the death of a woman that occurs either while she is pregnant or as a result of that pregnancy (within 42 days of giving birth).

Maternal mortality

Burn, Ch. 3: Corporations, which are heavily motivated by their own profit margins, play a large role in the reproductive technologies that are available to women. Pharmaceutical companies have even gone so far as to

present incomplete information from drug trials in order to receive FDA approval and pull products off the market in order to avoid paying for manufacturing plant upgrades

Burn, Ch. 3: In contrast to what occurs in developing countries, abortion is almost always safe in developed regions.


Burn, Ch. 3: By 2015, the United Nations' Millennium Development Goals called for _____ which resulted in _____.

a 75% reduction in maternal mortality; programs and initiatives to improve maternal health

Burn, Ch. 3: Despite women's activism, the number of countries outlawing abortion has increased dramatically in the past 20 years.


Burn, Ch. 3: _____ refers to all procedures involving partial or total removal of the external female genitalia for nonmedical purposes.

All of these are accurate

Maternal Mortality--One Woman a Minute: Which is the safest place in the world to give birth, according to the authors?


Maternal Mortality--One Woman a Minute: The lifetime risk of maternal death is one thousand times higher in _____ than in the West.

a poor country

Why Do Women Die in Childbirth?: All of the following are reasons for maternal mortality EXCEPT which one?

small pelvis

Why Do Women Die in Childbirth?: Education is associated with all of the following EXCEPT which one?

industrialization rather than agriculture

Burn, Ch. 3: Female genital cutting most commonly takes place just before a woman starts puberty.


Burn, Ch. 3: Typically, the legalization of abortion _____ its rate of prevalence and leads to _____ mortality rates.

has minimal impact on; decreased

Burn, Ch. 3: Intrauterine devices (IUDs) are the most widely used form of reversible birth control in the world. However, their potential side effects include

both an increased risk for pelvic inflammatory disease and an increased likelihood of STD infection

Burn, Ch. 3: In developing nations, reduced lactation is one of the most serious side effects caused by hormonal contraceptives


Maternal Mortality--One Woman a Minute: All of the following statements about Simeesh Segaye are accurate EXCEPT which one?

she was lucky to be treated so quickly for her fistula

Maternal Mortality--One Woman a Minute: Maternal health gets minimum attention because those who die or suffer injuries are

all of these

Why Do Women Die in Childbirth?: All of the following statements about Prudence's story are accurate. Which one is NOT?

she was eventually saved because of the blood transfusion

Half the Sky: In "Why Do Women Die in Childbirth," Sri Lanka has become a model for lowering maternal deaths for all of the following reasons. Which one is NOT a reason?

Women dominate in the government and have consistently voted to make it a priority

Burn, Ch. 4: One consequence of lesbian and bisexual invisibility is _____, which refers to the stress caused by nonconformity to heteronormative expectations.

sexual minority stress

Burn, Ch. 4: Transgender individuals have chromosomal and anatomical features of both males and females.


Burn, Ch. 4: The tendency for nonheterosexual women to live quiet and hidden lives, and for societies to deny or ignore their existence, is called __________.

lesbian and bisexual invisibility

Burn, Ch. 4: While some lesbian feminists hope to obtain civil rights within existing patriarchal systems, others aspire to overthrow world patriarchy in order to liberate all women.


Burn, Ch. 4: _____ may be defined as one's psychological sense of being male or female.

Gender identity

Burn, Ch. 4: Contrary to what might be expected, mainstream feminism is often guilty of ignoring the issues of nonheterosexual women.


Burn, Ch. 4: Homosexuality was considered a mental disorder by the American Psychiatric Association (APA) until _____.


Family Planning and the "God Gulf": All of the following statements about Pentecostalism are accurate EXCEPT which one?

it is contributing to the rise of AIDS

Family Planning and the "God Gulf": What is one of the most effective ways to encourage smaller families?

promote education

In "Family Planning and the 'God Gulf'," which of the following methods was the MOSTsuccessful strategy against AIDS, as discovered by MIT's Poverty Action Lab?

warn girls of the perils of sugar daddies, who are older and have a higher HIV infection rate

Burn, Ch. 4: Which of the following statements regarding homosexuality is TRUE?

In some countries, homosexuals are still subjected to involuntary psychiatric treatment and electroshock therapy.

Burn, Ch. 4: The term "queer" is an inclusive, unifying term for LGBTI people.


Burn, Ch. 4: Most societies currently view homosexuality as a sickness (or deny its existence altogether).


Burn, Ch. 4: The term "lesbian" can evoke a multitude of different responses from female homosexuals. These responses include all of the following, EXCEPT:

claiming that it is a label that promotes homosexual superiority over heterosexual relationships

Burn, Ch. 4: Heteropatriarchy refers to the idea that compulsory heterosexuality and its embedding in social structures is motivated by a desire to eliminate patriarchy.


Family Planning and the "God Gulf": All of the following are ways to reduce HIV transmission EXCEPT which one?

governments should focus on one goal at a time

Jane Roberts and Her 34 Million Friends: What did Jane encourage people to do?

send one dollar to 34 Million Friends

Burn, Ch. 5: The _____ suggests that women typically get paid less than men because they are less skilled, less educated, and less experienced.

human capital approach

Burn, Ch. 5: According to the _____, we are relatively less likely to assign people to roles that call for qualities associated with the other gender.

role congruity theory

Burn, Ch. 5: Both in the United States and worldwide, women in the workforce earn an average of _____ percent less than men.


Burn, Ch. 5: The _____ refers to the various barriers that prevent qualified women from advancing into management positions within their organizations. When these same women are forced to deal with both racism and sexism, however, it is referred to as a _

glass ceiling; concrete ceiling

Burn, Ch. 5: _____ refers to the tendency for occupations mainly held by men to have substantially higher pay rates and status as compared to those mainly held by women.

Horizontal occupational segregation

Burn, Ch. 5: Feminist economics may be defined as a subset of economics that is used to examine how national budgets impact women and girls differently than men and boys.


Burn, Ch. 5: The United States has one of the worst maternity leave policies in the world, granting only 12 weeks of unpaid leave to women (and only to those working in firms with more than 50 employees).


Emancipating Twenty-First-Century Slaves: The technical definition of trafficking involves _____.

crossing an international border

Emancipating Twenty-First-Century Slaves: Which of the following statements about Meena is NOT accurate?

she never stopped fighting when the customers came

Half the Sky: In "Emancipating Twenty-First Century Slaves," Kristof and WuDunn argue that the essential part of the brothel business model is to

break the girl's spirit through humiliation, threats, and violence.

Burn, Ch. 5: Most countries have laws guaranteeing women paid maternity leave, which provides time off for mothers following the birth of a child. Maternity leave wages are often paid by all of the following, EXCEPT:

the women requesting maternity leave

Burn, Ch. 5: The _____ emphasizes that the division of household labor reflects the relative economic power of women and men.

relative resources perspective

Burn, Ch. 5: Maternity protection measures help to ensure all of the following, EXCEPT:

Women with newborn children will either be provided with company-sponsored daycare options or permitted to bring their children to work.

Burn, Ch. 5: Work in the formal labor sector includes trading and selling at markets, "under the table" and "off the books" employment, and work done on a contract basis in the home.


Fighting Slavery from Seattle: Which of the following is NOT one of the contributions made by Overlake School?

they brought Cambodian students to the US

Emancipating Twenty-First-Century Slaves: Who was Kuduz?

a man who saved Meena, and then married her

Half the Sky: In "Emancipating Twenty-First Century Slaves," Kristof and WuDunn state that the modern global slave trade has worsened as a result of

all of these are accurate

Burn, Ch. 6: The extension of small loans to women in poverty (for small-scale economic enterprises) is referred to as _____.


Burn, Ch. 6: A major source of climate change is the consumer lifestyle and heavy fossil fuel use of people in developed nations.


Burn, Ch. 6: _____ are market based, have relatively high material standards of living, and use advanced production techniques and equipment.

all of these are accurate

Burn, Ch. 6: Which of the following statements about climate change in NOT accurate?

people in developed nations are most vulnerable to the effects of it

Burn, Ch. 6: Proponents of modernization theory believe that transforming the economy of a developing country will naturally lead to its political and social development.


Burn, Ch. 6: Neocolonialism refers to the practice of global south countries continuing to use former colonies for raw materials, minerals, and cash crops.


Burn, Ch. 6: Crops grown for cash rather than local food production are known as _____ crops.


Microcredit--The Financial Revolution: All of the following statements about Roshashneh and Kashf are accurate EXCEPT which one?

the Kashf workers were welcomed in the villages

A CARE Package for Goretti: CARE meetings teach all of the following EXCEPT ______.

how to say "no" to their husbands

Microcredit--The Financial Revolution: All of the following were the results of Saima becoming a tycoon in the neighborhood EXCEPT which one?

she was attacked by jealous women in the village

Burn, Ch. 6: Which of the following statements about developing nations is FALSE?

The majority of the least developed nations are located in the Middle East.

Burn, Ch. 6: The _____ is a famous example of a grassroots organization. Specifically, villagers living in Uttar Pradesh, India wrapped themselves around a large group of trees in order to prevent their removal by state-supported logging companies.

Chipko Movement

Burn, Ch. 6: Grassroots support organizations (GRSOs) are locally based groups that work to develop and improve the community.


Burn, Ch. 6: Multilateral aid describes a type of foreign aid that is provided by either a group of countries or an institution representing a group of countries (such as the World Bank or the International Monetary Fund).


Burn, Ch. 6: _____ meets the needs of people in the present but does not compromise the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Sustainable development

Microcredit--The Financial Revolution: How many people did Saima eventually employ?

her own family including her husband

Microcredit--The Financial Revolution: When women control the resources, such as income,

it improves their say in the household, and increases child nutrition and health

Microcredit--The Financial Revolution: What is the Millennium Challenge effort?

amending legal codes to protect women

Burn, Ch. 7: Many sweatshop workers are impoverished migrant women who tolerate abuse because ________.

they fear being turned over to immigration authorities

Burn, Ch. 7: In many countries (including Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates), domestic workers are not protected under the law.


Burn, Ch. 7: _____ globalization refers to the integration and rapid interaction of economies through production, trade, and financial transactions made by banks and multinational corporations.


Burn, Ch. 7: Migrant women often send a large portion of their earnings back home to their families. This transfer of funds is known as ________.

a remittance

Burn, Ch. 7: What is at the heart of neoliberal economic policies?

balancing government budgets and free market capitalism

Burn, Ch. 7: Research suggests that women's entry into the workforce has barely impacted the amount of child care and household labor performed by men; this has led to an increased demand for domestic/care workers.


Burn, Ch. 7: If you live in the United States, it is highly probable that the majority of your clothes, shoes, electronics, and toys were NOT created using women's sweatshop labor.


Rescuing Girls Is the Easy Part: All of the following statements about Srey Momm's return to the brothel are accurate EXCEPT which one?

she was arrested and jailed by the authorities

In "Prohibition and Prostitution," all of the following relate to the big stick approach to prostitution EXCEPT which one?

it has been a successful means of ending sex trafficking in the Netherlands

Prohibition and Prostitution: The Sonagachi Project in India encouraged all of the following EXCEPT which one?

better living conditions

Burn, Ch. 8: Although Muslims believe the _______ to be the unadulterated word of God, they also refer to the Hadith, which consists of sayings attributed to Muhammad. Many of these sayings form the basis of _______ law, which includes practices that rest

Qur'an; shari'ah

Burn, Ch. 8: In contrast to Mahayana Buddhism, which stresses that all human experience (both male and female) is a source of enlightenment, Theravada Buddhism engenders the notion that women are obstacles to spiritual progress.


Burn, Ch. 8: Christianity originated in the Middle East, is the fastest growing religion in the world, and is officially opposed to the use of gendered imagery for the Divine.


Burn, Ch. 8: _____ arose out of Judaism and is based on the life, death, and resurrection of _____. The main religious text for this religion is the _____, which many feminists describe as a "patriarchal document of a patriarchal society.

Christianity; Jesus Christ; Bible

Tears over Time Magazine: What story in Time moved Zainab?

Serbian soldiers gang raping women in Bosnia

Half the Sky: In The Axis of Equality, which of the following statement about Rwanda is INACCURATE?

Though women have made tremendous strides in economic, political, and social roles, they have been unsuccessful at grassroots movements.

Burn, Ch. 8: A number of the world's religions have gender-segregated religious practices (or different rituals and forms of worship for each gender). Which of the following statements about gender-segregated religious practices is FALSE?

Although leadership roles are usually reserved for males, females who hold religious leadership positions are no longer rare in most religious traditions.

Burn, Ch. 8: _____ is the only major polytheistic religion in the world and the only one in which goddess worship is prominent and normal. This religion has no single founder or prophet, and although _____ serve/s as a primary source of scripture, there i

Hinduism; the Vedas

Burn, Ch. 8: Which of the following domains is NOT qualified as "benevolent" sexism?

Egalitarian Hostility

Burn, Ch. 8: It is primarily the progressive and egalitarian strains of the world's religions that promote traditional roles for women and attempt to limit women's rights.


Burn, Ch. 8: _____ is the world's oldest western religion.


Burn, Ch. 8: Collectively, groups embracing pagan religions that include female images of the divine are known as the _____ spirituality movement.

feminist and women's

Burn, Ch. 8: The _____ it is considered by some to be among the world's most sexist belief systems.

Torah and the Talmud

The Axis of Equality: Zhang Yin made her fortune on _____.

paper recycling

The Axis of Equality: One century ago, China was one of the worst place in the world to be born female for which of the following reasons?

all of these

Tears over Time Magazine: What was unique about Zainab's family?

her parents were close to Saddam Hussein

Half the Sky: The Axis of Equality: Following the Communist Revolution in China, gender equality in China improved. Which of the following statements represents this phenomenon INACCURATELY?

The government's end of the practice of aborting female fetuses.

Burn, Ch. 10: In theory, state feminism serves to further the status of women and promote equal rights. However, women's policy machinery does not come without its share of problems. Potential dangers of state feminism include all of the following, EXCEPT

focus being placed on a wide variety of women's issues, rather than a select few

Burn, Ch. 10: Historically, Western academics have focused on women's movements occurring in the United States and Europe. As such, their analyses have overemphasized all of the following, EXCEPT:

women's strength, assertiveness, and autonomy

Burn, Ch. 10: The first transnational feminist organization, Association Internationale des Femmes, was founded during the year _____ in _____.

1868; Geneva (Switzerland)

Burn, Ch. 10: _____ may be described as the organizational expression of _____. They operate across national borders to resist inequality, shape activism, and influence policy.

International women's movements; transnational feminist movements

Burn, Ch. 10: Which of the following has been gained as a direct or indirect result of women's activism?

an increased number of women taking part in formal politics

Burn, Ch. 10: Although women's activism certainly expedites the process, states commonly adopt feminist changes without pressure from organized women's groups.


Burn, Ch. 10: Femocrats are feminist bureaucrats who work within government structures that are charged with furthering the status and rights of women.


What You Can Do: What did Jo Luck ask the women in Tererai Trent's village, which puzzled them?

what their hopes were

What You Can Do: All of the following evidence was used by Thomas Clarkson to argue the appalling conditions of slave ships. Which one is NOT a piece of evidence?

genital piercing implements

What You Can Do: American citizens should call on the president and Congress to pass which initiative(s) to change patterns of life for women and girls?

all of these

Burn, Ch. 10: The _____ was developed in 1979 and has been described as an international bill of rights for women.

Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW)

Burn, Ch. 10: Although women's activism certainly expedites the process, states commonly adopt feminist changes without pressure from organized women's groups.


Burn, Ch. 10: Women's movements often include women and groups that do not explicitly identify as feminist.


Burn, Ch. 10: The worldwide women's movement is a singular and distinct organizational entity.


Burn, Ch. 10: The Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) is the UN body responsible for monitoring the implementation of conference agreements.


Burn, Ch. 10: In the West, family planning and abortion have served as major mobilizing forces for the women's movement. However, such programs often arouse suspicion and opposition from women in developing nations because _______.

they are viewed as attempts to limit the populations of their ethnic groups AND their cultures place a high value on women who give birth to numerous children

Burn, Ch. 10: Practical gender interests arise out of an awareness of a generalized patriarchy and a desire to challenge and change it.


What You Can Do: What was Thomas Clarkson known for?

He did clandestine research on slave ships to gather evidence in order to end the slave trade.

In What You Can Do, which of the following was NOT an effect of introducing television in India?

An increase in birth rates.

What You Can Do: All of the following statements about the abolition of slavery in Britain are accurate EXCEPT which one?

all European colonies lost money after Britain abolished slavery

Is Islam Misogynistic?: Conservative Muslim attitudes

have more to do with culture than religion

Is Islam Misogynistic?: Some Muslim women view Western women as

repressed, because they have to show their bodies to please men, as well as patronizing and incapable of seeing the complexity of gender roles in the Muslim world.

Is Islam Misogynistic?: What is Soraya Salti doing in Jordan to stimulate change?

promoting entrepreneurship

Is Islam Misogynistic?: Which of the following Middle Eastern countries is NOT showing the progress in terms of changing attitudes?


Grassroots and Treetops: All of the following is early reference of genital cutting EXCEPT which one?

the Quran from the seventh century

Grassroots vs. Treetops: Which of the following is NOT related to Tostan?

Training only women to be village leaders, community managers, and micro-credit financiers

Girls Helping Girls: Jordana's mom taught her about all of the following stories about girls in the world EXCEPT which one?

starvation of girls in India

The Shame of Honor: Kristof and WuDunn call the country of _____ the world capital of rape.


The Shame of Honor: All of the following statements about HEAL Africa are accurate. Which one is NOT?

only female doctors are allowed in

Study Abroad"--In the Congo: The skills-training program implemented all of the following EXCEPT which one?

painting and drawing

Is Islam Misogynistic?: All of the following statements about Aisha are accurate EXCEPT which one?

Islamic scholars managed to save the vast majority of Aisha's hadiths

Is Islam Misogynistic?: Islamic feminists

dispute translations, such as houri, which may refer to "white grapes" rather than the "virgins" whom suicide bombers hope to meet in Heaven.

The Afghan Insurgent: What is the best way for Western women to help Muslim women?

write checks and carry the bags in the back

Grassroots and Treetops: What is Tostan?

a West African group trying to end FGC/FGM by being respectful and putting it in a framework of community development

Girls Helping Girls: The purpose(s) of Girls Learn International is/are

all of these

Study Abroad"--In the Congo: Why are Western women exempt from harassment, according to the authors?

local men find them intimidating

Study Abroad"--In the Congo: The authors give young people all of the following advice as ways to help EXCEPT which one?

read about this issues to understand