Mr. Gibbons's Syllabus

What is Mr. Gibbons's room number?


On my ________, _________ & _______tardy Mr. Gibbons gives me a detention`

Third (3rd), Fourth (4th), & Fifth (5th)

It is acceptable to talk to your group mate quietly when Mr. Gibbons is giving directions

FALSE......this is DISRESPECTFUL. You can talk with your group mate when directions are over

I can see Mr. Gibbons only during Panther Time for help

FALSE....., before or after school are GREAT times to come and get help or see her about missing work.

Water bottles are allowed but only with lids

TRUE.... they MUST have a lid.

Mr. Gibbons turns my attendance over to ________________ if I am tardy 6 times or more

Mr. Sandy's Office

You can be successful if I put forth my best or ANY _________ in Mr. Gibbons's class


On A days I have _______ off and B days I have _______ off.

1st, 2nd

Cell phones must be out of sight during class.

TRUE.... no cell phones are allowed (or seen) during class

Mr. Gibbons allows food in his class food is allowed in the classroom.

If I am gone, I look _______________________ or_________________________ to see what I missed

Canvas calendar or email Mr. Gibbons

This is Mr. Gibbons's ______ yr teaching.


After Mr. Gibbons gives you a warning for breaking an expectation, she will ___________________

Give you a detention with him

If we have a paper assignment, where do we turn it in?

Tray in the back

I need tape or to staple my paper, I would find those things ___________

On Mr. Gibbons's desk

Mr. Gibbons's biggest rule is that you are __________________ to anyone and/or anything at ALL TIMES in his room


Where can you find what we are doing today in class?

On the whiteboard RIGHT when you walk into his room (Learning Targets)

Assessments are worth ___________of your total grade


Practice/Homework is worth__________of your grade


I need these materials EVERY DAY I come to Mr. Gibbons's class

Pencil/pen, folder, iPad, good attitude!

I need to leave, get a drink or use the bathroom. I should.....

Let Mr. Gibbons know I have a pass to leave or ask to use the bathroom/get a drink

This is a required class to graduate. must pass (both semesters) of physical science this year in order to graduate.

Retake opportunities are not available in this class. have ONE WEEK from the posted grade on JMC to start the retake assessment process

Late work is accepted but there are deadlines that will be stated in advance in class, via email and other forms of communication

TRUE.....there will be deadlines for when late work will be accepted. An email will be sent to you and parents as well as reminded EVERY CLASS till the deadline

What are the best ways to talk or ask Mr. Gibbons a question?

One-on-one discussion or email (in correct form). Communication is KEY! The more you communicate with Mr. Gibbons, the easier things will be!