Science Quiz #3

How is gas pressure defined

Gas pressure is the force of its outward push divided by the area of the walls of its container.

Describe how the motions of gas particles are related to the exerted by the gas

As the moving gas molecules collide with the walls of their container, they push on the container walls.

Why does pumping more air into a basketball increase the pressure inside of the ball

The greater number of gas molecules inside the basketball result in more collisions which increase the outward push of the gas.

How does Boyle's Law describe the relationship between gas pressure and volume

At a constant temperature, when gas pressure increases, the gas volume decreases.

Explain why increasing the temperature of a gas in a closed, rigid container causes the pressure in the container to increas

When the temperature increases, gas particles move faster and collide more frequently with greater force.

You are inflating balloons for a parade. The temperature will rise 15oC between early morning and the time the parade starts. How will this affect the way you inflate the balloons?

Because you know that the temperature will increase, the volume of the gas in the balloons will also increase. To prevent the expansion from bursting the balloons, you should not completely fill the balloons

What MEASUREMENTS are useful in studying gases?


How are pressure and volume of gases related?

When the pressure of a gas increases at a constant temperature, its volume decreases.

How are pressure and temperature of gases related?

When the temperature of a gas increases at a constant volume, its pressure increases.

How are the volume and temperature of gases related?

When the temperature of a gas increases at constant pressure, its volume increases.