8th grade science Chapter 10 the periodic table standardized test and practice test

Increasing atomic number

What determines the element of an element on the periodic table?


What is the atomic mass of Nitrogen?


Which is not a property of metals?

Ductility and conductivity

What makes metal a good choice to use them as wires in electronics?

On the left and in the middle

Where are most metals in the periodic table?

A metalloid

What is Silicon?

Dull appearance

What is a property of a nonmetal?

Right side

Where are most nonmetals on the periodic table?


What is the atomic mass of calcium?


Which element is most likely to react with potassium?


Which group of elements can act as semiconductors?

transition metals

Which elements have high density, greater strength, and resistance to corrosion?


Which is a property of metal?


What is the name of group 17?

They react quickly with other elements

Which is a property of halogens?