Assistive devices

invisible radiant energy that can be used to remotely control electronics

infrared (IR)

_____ provides a checklist on accessible home features

home fit guide

____ mandates equal access to electronic office equipment for all federal employees; mandates rehabilitation technology as a primary benefit to be included in an individual's written rehabilitation plan

section 508 of rehabilitation act of 1973, as amended

______ addressed for the first time in legislation, the expansion of AT devices and services, and mandates consumer-driven AT services

assistive technology act of 1998

______ prohibits discrimination on the basis of disability in employment, state and local government, public accommodations, commercial facilities, transportation, and telecommunications - all of which affect the application of AT

Americans with disabilities act of 1990

provides grants to states for developmental disability councils, university-affiliated programs, and protection and advocacy activities for people with developmental disabilities

the developmental disabilities assistance and bill of rights act

every child, under this law, has a right to free and appropriate education. Includes children with disabilities to be educated with their peers. Allows AT devices and services for students 3-21 years old.

individuals with disabilities education act amendments of 2004

display and readability are features of ____

screen resolution

text to speech is an example of

sounds and speech features


keyboard option

SnapTo is a type of

accessible computer mouse

what are the correct steps of the service delivery process for AT?

1) referral & intake
2) initial eval
3) recommendations and report
4) implementation
5) follow up
6) follow along