Indiana Soil Judging-Agriculture Site

Restore to Original Vegetation- Wetland

is the soil is poorly drained

Restore to Original Vegetation- Prairie

If soil is.....
somewhat poorly drained
moderately well-drained
and Black surface horizon (>10")

Restore to Original Vegetation--Mesic Forest

soils that do not qualify for wetland or prairie

Prime Farmland

Mark "YES" is ALL of these properties apply...
1)Subsoil is moderately sandy or finer
2)>20" to bedrock or coarse sand and gravel limiting layer
3)Slope is 6% or less
4)Landform is NOT a Floodplain

High potential for water erosion

Mark "YES" is ONE of these soil properties apply....
1) <20" to any limiting layer
2) >20" to any layer and a slope of 6% or more

High Potential for Wind Erosion

Mark "YES" if...
1) Soil has a sandy or moderately sand surface texture

High Potential for Soil Compaction

Mark "YES" is the soil had BOTH of these....
1) Natural Drainage is somewhat poorly or poorly drained.
2) Surface texture is moderately sandy or finer

Grassed Waterways

Mark "YES" is...
Slope is 3-18%


Mark "YES" is ....
Soil texture is sandy or moderately sandy

Consider Filter Strips

Mark "YES" if...
Slope is 18% or less

Cover Crops-NO NEED

is the slope is >18%

Cover Crops- (help with) Erosion

all other soils

Cover Crops- Scavenge nitrogen

has either of these....
1) Slope is 0-2%
2) Slope is 3-6% and the soil had a sandy subsoil or a course/gravel limiting layer

Forestry is TSI
(Timber Stand Improvement)

Mark "YES"

Permanent Pasture

Mark "YES" for.....
Slopes of 25% or less

Crop Rotation

Mark "YES" if...
Slopes of 18% or less


Mark "YES" is BOTH of these apply......
1) Slope 6% or less
2) Well-drained or moderately drained soils with any texture
3) Poorly drained or somewhat poorly-drained soils with moderately clayey or coarser texture

Moldboard Plowing

Mark "YES" if ALL or these apply....
1) Slope is 2% or less
2) Medium or finer surface texture
3)poorly-drained or somewhat poorly-drained

Water Management- Drainage

Mark "YES" for drainage has BOTH of these properties...
1)Natural Drainage is poor or somewhat poorly drained
2) Landform is NOT a floodplain

Water Management- Irrigation

Mark "YES" if BOTH sets apply...
1)Slope is 6% or less
2) Subsoil is sandy or moderately sandy
3) Soil has a course limiting layer of gravel with 40" is the surface

Water Management- Terraces

Mark "YES" if ALL of these apply....
1) Soil is well-drained, moderately well-drained or somewhat poorly-drained
2) more than 40" to any limiting layer
3) Slope is 3-12%
4) Subsoil texture is medium or finer

Nitrogen Application Level (HIGH)

Mark if ALL of these...
1) Soil is more than 40" to any limiting layer
2) Subsoil and surface soil texture are medium or moderately clayey
3) Soil is poorly drained or somewhat poorly-drained
4) Soil color is black

Nitrogen Application (MEDIUM)

Mark is all of these apply...
1) soil is 20" or more to any limiting layer
2) Subsoil and surface soil textures are moderately sandy or finer
3)Slope is 12% or less

Nitrogen Application (LOW)



ADD: less than 15 PPM
NONE: 15-100 PPM
DEPLETE: 100 PPM or Greater


ADD: less than 100 PPM
NONE: 100-250 PPM
Deplete: grater than 250 PPM


ADD: pH is 6.4 or lower
None: pH is 6.5 or above

Nitrogen Pollution

High in groundwater (if BOTH APPLY)
1) Sandy subsoil and/or a Gravel Limiting Layer
2) Soil is moderately well-drained or well-drained
High in surface water (if BOTH APPLY)
1) Soils are poorly drained or somewhat poorly-drained

Phosphorus Pollution Potential

HIGH-slopes 12% or more
Medium (ALL APPLY)
1)7-12% slope
2)3-6% slope is surface texture of medium or moderately clayey
Low-all others