Esthi Advanced Topics

What is NOT a method by which exfoliation can be accomplished?
A. biologically
B. manually
C. mechanically
D. by the use of certain products

A. biologically

What is the average rate of cell turnover for those 50 and older?

42 to 48 days

A pH of less than _______ is not recommended for salon peels.


What is NOT a contradiction for chemical exfoliation?
A. pregnancy
B. oily skin
C. herpes simplex
D. use of photosensitizing medications

B. oily skin

What is an example of a beneficial ingredient for mature or sensitive skin?

Aloe Vera

How often should you recommend a series of AHA treatments to clients?

Every 3 to 4 months

How many times should you rinse the skin after removing a chemical exfoliant during a mini-procedure?

At least 6 times

What is photodynamic therapy primarily used to treat?

Actinic keratosis

What class of medical device are lasers and intense pulsed light (IPL) machines?

IV - 4

What types of LED light is used for rejuvenation?


What color light is considered stimulating when using therapeutic lamps for color therapy?


What condition is a contraindication for microcurrent?


Pitta is a combination of what two elements?

Fire and water

Where are most body products applied FIRST when performing a body scrub?


What statement about preoperative care is correct?
A. it focuses on helping the skin heal after a surgical procedure
B. decreasing the skin's metabolism is an important component
C. increasing cellular debris on the skin's surface is an important componen

D. part of the esthetician's role is to help the patient stay calm