Music App Section 2 Test

What time period is Hidegard of Bingen from?

Middle Ages

What are facts about HIldegard?

Made a saint, wrote 77 songs, german, tithes to the church

What time period is Leonin from?

Middle ages

What are some facts about Leonin?

French, priest and poet as well as composers, embellised plaintchant, transcription of organum

What time period is De Machaut from?

Middle Ages,

What are some facts about Machuat?

French, wrote sacred and secular music, first to write polyphonic music

What time period is Du Fay from?


Waht are some facts about Du Fay?

From burgundy, used well defined melodies and clear cut rhythms, moved away from medievil works

What time period is Josquin from?


What are some facts about Josquin

Wrote secular and sacred works, best motet writer, wrote motets for mass, greatly impacted following composers

What time period is Giovanni Palestrina from?


What are some facts about Giovanni Palestrina?

Savor of church music, wrote mostly sacred, italian, wrote over 100 works

What time period is Arcadelt from?


What are some facts about Arcadelt?

Helped develop italian madrigal, wrote sacred and secular works

What time period is Lassus from?


What are some facts about Lassus

Had an international profile, used word painting, was knighted by the pope

What time period is Giovanni Gabrieli from?


What are some facts about Giovanni Gabrieli?

First composer to indicate dynamics, first to write specifically for an instrument

What were traveling musiciancs called in Northern France


What were traveling musicins called in Souther France


What were traveling musicians called in Germany


Music written in the language of the people is written in the.....


What stringed instrument was the most popular in the Renaissance and middle ages


What is imitation?

Musical ideas exchanged between voices

What is a Cantus Frimus

A fixed melody used as the basis for a piece

What is a liturgy

Order of the church service and structure of each service

What is a motet

A sacred work with latin text for use in the mass or other religious ceremonies

What is a neume

A note symbol

A single line melody, monophonic in texture, and free flowing text is called.......

Plainchant/Gregorian Chant

A two voice polyphony where the second voice moves at paralel 4th and 5ths is called


What is word painting?

Making the music directly reflect the meaning of the words

During which period does polyphonic music reach its peak


Who were Gregorian Chants named after? Where was he from?

Pope Gregory the Great. Rome Italy

Was instrumental music in the middle ages notated?


Which two countries wrote madrigals

Italy and England

What is a madrigal?

An aristocratic form of peotry and music

What are some madrigal characteristcs

Short poem, written about love, 5-6 voices,

During which period did music really seek to express the text


During the Middle Ages, what were the two SERVICES in the church/monasteries

Offices and Mass

With motets, what was the most popular text topic

The Virgin Mary

Did Instrumental music start to come into its own and have solo works during the Renaissance period?


In the middle ages, what was the most powerful and influlential institution in Eruope

The Church

What Renaissance invention made a huge impact on the distribution of music, literature, and ideas?

The printing press

How were instruments divided into two categories, what were they called and where was each played?

Haut - Outside
Bas - Inside

Describe chivalric love.

Faithful knight loving from afar, she inspires him to do noble duties

What are the 5 parts of the Mass

Kyrie, Gloria, Credo, Sanctus, Agnus Dei

What is the difference between the music of the Protestant church and the Catholic church in the Renaissance?

Catholic was polyphonic and Protestant was non polyphonic. Catholic had professional singers and protestant was congregational

Why did composers use old chants in their new compositions

They believed new should be based from the old

Why was the Renaissance the golden age from choral music? Name at least 3 reasons.

A capella, lots of different forms, instruments being standardizes, most music written during this time

What were the four main vocal genres of the Renaissance

Chanson, Madrigal, Mass, And Motet

What are 3 things the Greek and Romans contributed to music?

Music effects emotion, lyre, music philsophy, thought music was a central part of education, octave and ration

How did composers lives change from the Middle Agees to Renaissance

Travel was easier, they could have an international following, they could work in lots of places, could write both sacred and secular

What influece did the text have on Renaissance music

Clarity, dictates from of poetry, word painting, more lyrical

What are the 3 ways voices can move in organum

Parallel, oblique, and contrary

Why did composers/musicians need to develop notation

More exact pitches and durations, as well as ability to add more detail, spread music easier

Why doesn't mushc of the middle ages secular music survive today

It wasn't recorded until the 15/16 centuries, the church was in charge of what go surivived, and they chose the sacred music from the church

What did Palestrina have to do with the Council fo trent

Showed that polyphony could be understood and reverent, saved polyphonic music

Describe the French Chanson, what are its characteristics

3-4 voices, courtley love, word painting, shaped by text, a french song

What were two ways instrumental music was used in the Middle Ages and Renaissance

Church and at tournaments and gatherings, entertainment, ceremonies

Name 3 popular dances?

Ronde, Allemande, Galliard