Ap unit 1 religions

(Holy text) sutras (noble eightfold path) the way you get into enlightenment, every sect follows the 8th fold path reincarnated till you reach nirvana (karma) how your deeds affect you good + bad karma (nirvana) escaping this worlds nothingness


1. Not killing or causing harm to other living things 2. Not taking the not giving 3. Avoid sexual misconduct 4. Avoid false speech 5. Abstraing from drinks and drugs that cloud the mind

Ethical code: the five precepts

Traditional, siddhartha is the example

Theravada Buddhism

Did not like emptiness, "the great way group

Mahayana Buddhism

Offering a short cut to enlightenment use spiritual leader to get to Nirvana "thunder bolt

Tibetan Buddhism

Don't deal with sacred text focused on meditation transcending to enlightenment

Zen Buddhism

Orgins: he was a part of the first dynasty of China (teachings) based on Chinese traditions, focus on family


(Creation story) God like figure whole body chopped up and spread out to make physical aspects (holy text) vedas (Indian caste system significance) Perusian man body parts=diff castes mouth became Brahma his arms were made into the warrior his thighs the


The one god that embodies smaller gods


Prosperity kinda like a soul


Desire sexuality enjoyment

Hindu diet

Your purpose in life


Their enlightenment when they become enlightened


1. Action: carry out tasks without personal gain 2 knowledge: coming to a complete comprehensive of the universe. 3. Devotion: acts of worship based on love for a god. 4. Royal road: meditation and yogo

4 ways to moksha

(Creation story) similar to Christianity (characteristics of allah) all powerful above everybody nobody knows what he looks like. ( holy text) Quran (significance of Abraham and prophets) given the words by allah (similaritys between Islam and Christianit


1 belief in god and the phophet Muhammad recitation of creed 2 daily prayers 3 giving to the poor 4 fasting 5 pilgrimage to Mecca

5 pillars of Islam

Followed Muhammad leader is abu balkar


Shai followed caliphate leaders too someone should lead


(Holy text) bible/Torah (laws needed to follow) 613 (worship practices) less strict than Christans. Pray 3 times a day /4