Psychology Unit 4: Sensation and Perception Objectives 1-4


The perceptual disorder in which a person has lost the ability to recognize familiar faces is


The process by which we detect physical energy from the environment and encode it as neural signals is


The process by which sensations are organized and interpreted is

Bottom-Up Processing

Sensory analysis which starts at the entry level and works up is called

Top-Down Processing

Perceptual analysis which works from out experience and expectations is called

Selective Attention

When we focus our conscious awareness on a particular stimulus we are using?

Cocktail Party Event

Your ability to attend to only one voice amoung many is called the

Inattentional blindness

Failing to see a visible object when our attention is directed elsewhere is called

Inattentional Blindness

When researchers istracted participants with a counting task the particpants displayed ________ ____________ and failed to notice a gorilla-suited assistant who passed through.

Change Blindness and Choice Blindness

Two forms of Inattentional Blindness

Change deafness

Another result of distraction involves not noticing that different people are speaking is called


Some stimuli are so powerful they demand our attentnion causing us to experience

Psychogenesis or Psychochemisist

The study of relationships between the physical characteristics of stimuli and our psychological experience of them is

Absolute threshold

Refers to the minimum stimulation necessary for a stimulus to be detected 50%

Signal Detection Theory

A person's experience, expectations, motivation, and alertness all influence the detection of a stimulus.

Subliminal Stimuli

Also known as below threshold, this can be persuasive but claims are probably unwarranted.


Some weak stimuli may trigger in our sensory receptors a response that is processed by the brain, even though the response doesn't cross the threshold into _________ awareness


Under certain conditions, an invisible image of word can _____ a person's response to a later question.

Difference Threshold

The minimum difference required to distinguish two stimuli 50% of the time is called the

Just Noticable Threshold

Another term for difference threshold is

Weber's Threshold

The principle that the difference threshold is not a constant amount, but a constant proportion is known as


Weber's Law makes the proportion depend on what?

Sensory Adaptation

After constant exposure to an unchanging stimulus the receptor cells of our senses begin to fire less cigorously; this phenomenon is called


This phenonmenon "Sensory Adaptation" illustrates that sensation is designed to focus on ___________ changes in the environment


Simulus energy is __________ into neural messages by our eyes


The visible spectrum of light is a small portion of the larger spectrum of ________________ energy.


The distance from onelight wave peak to the next is called


The wavelength determines the wave's color or


LIght enters the eye throught the


after the light enters the eye it then passes through the


The size of the opening that the light passes through is controlled by the colored

Lense; retina

By changing its curvature the __________ can focus the image of an object onto the ________ the light sensitve inner surface of the eye.