buzz words chapter 1


a countries ability to make laws and enforce them


the way to influence policy mainly indirectly


monarchy- individual or family rule


ruled by the few


the least efficient form of government meant to be difficult

constitutional government

a written law, protects people from government

Authoritrian government

governments that have control over their society but will lead to some social power

totalitarian government

total control over society ; start and end violently


mandatory military service

free riding

enjoying benefit while others pay the cost of it

public good

a good that is open to all of the public, but can't be excluded from the public


the art of government+governing


to send a message ; means of pursing or aim or policy some with intent

collective action

groups/individuals who want to together for a common goal

by-product theory

joining for benefits and connections

selective benefits

benefits specifically aimed at specific groups

agenda power

i'm a democratic system, the controlling party/groups controls what is being brought before the governing party

veto power

the abhlity to stop decisions


jobs stuff does

principal agent relationships

an elective official who gets certain powers that are relegated to an agent

transaction costs

how well the staff does the delegates powers and what it costs

path dependency

make decisions depending on history

social contact

the basis of most law in society ... limiting individual freedom for the benefit of whole