what details explain landform regions?

regions that have similar landforms throughout, such as plains, mountains, hills, or valleys

What are the two largest mountain ranges?

Appalachian Mountains and Rocky Mountains

Which mountain range is the oldest?

Appalachian Mountains

Which mountain range is the largest?

Rocky Mountains

In what part of the United States are the Appalachian mountains located?

Eastern U.S.

In what part of the United States are the Rocky Mountains located?

Western U.S.

What are the two largest landform regions in the United States?

Coastal plain and interior plain

coastal plain

low, mostly flat land that lies along an ocean or another large body of water, and it stretches inland from the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico.

what is sea level used for?

Used as a starting point in measuring the height and depth of landforms.

What are the interior plains called?

interior lowlands

where are the interior plains located?

central part of the united states

what is the Western part of the Interior plains called?

Great Plains

In what part of the United States are they located

They stretch from Southern Texas into Canada.

Whats the lowest point on the North American continent?

Death Valley

What carved the Grand Canyon?

Colorado River

Whats on the eastern edge of the Pacific Mountains and Valleys Region?


What does Sierra-Nevada mean?

snowy mountain range

What other mountains lie north of the Sierra Nevada?

Cascade Range and Coast Mountain

What do the Cascade Range and Coast Mountain include?


Whats the highest mountain peak in North America?

Mount McKinley

Whats the Native American name for Mount McKinley?


What does Denali mean?

The great one or the high one

What are the four oceans from largest to smallest?

Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, Arctic

How much of Earth is covered by the Pacific Ocean?


What are the seven continents separated by Oceans?

Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Antartica, Europe, Australia

How do oceans move?

waves and currents

What causes currents?

Earth's wind patterns

What defines the shape of the United States?

Inlets along the coastal plain

What are the largest inlets?


What is the largest gulf?

Gulf of Mexico

What shapes the coastlines?


Where are most of the largest bays and inlets found?

along the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf coasts

What large bays can be found along the Gulf of Mexico?

Tampa Bay, Mobile Bay, Galveston Bay

What do we call the largest lakes in North America?

Great Lakes

Where are the Great Lakes located?

Along the border of the United States and Canada

What are the names of the Great Lakes?

Superior, Michigan, Huron, Eerie, Ontario

How much of the fresh water on Earth is found in the Great Lakes?


Whats the largest lake?

Lake Superior

What are rivers?

body of fresh, moving water

What do river systems do?

drain or carry water away from the land around them

What is the Mississippi river's source?

Lake Itasca

Where is Lake Itasca located?


Where do the rivers that cross the Coastal Plain and flow into the Atlantic Ocean begin?

In the Appalachian Mountains

What is the imaginary line that runs north and south along the highest points of the Rocky Mountains?

Continental Divide

What river forms part of the border between the United States and Mexico?

Rio Grande