8th Grade Chapter 6 Review

What were at least two reasons for European countries to become allies?

Revenge on Britain (they had their own conflicts wit them) and Patriots may release some of their land claims back to them.

Battle of Saratoga was seen as a "turning point" in the Revolutionary War-why?

The Battle of Saratoga was seen as a turning point because the countries such as France and Spain realized that the Patriots may actually win the war, and it convinced them to support the cause.

What was the main motivation behind Thomas Paine's pamphlet, "Common Sense"?

Thomas Paine's pamphlet was used, and successfully so, to convince colonists to support and participate in the war for independence from Britain.

What was the location in which the three-pronged attack from the British was to capture?

Albany, New York

What were the reasons for the British thinking they had a more superior military force?

They had a well-trained and financed army, as well, as one of the strongest navies in world at the time.

What were the main reasons that the Loyalists still remained loyal to the British monarchy?

1. fear of retaliation from the British if they did not support them. 2. They depended on British for their jobs and salaries. 3. They were still members of the Church of England.4. They believed the reasons for the Patriots were trivial and not enough to

What did the Patriots try to convince King George III to sign to possibly bring peace and end to the conflict?

Olive Branch Petition

What was one of the first task that the First Continental Congress had to establish?

A political body-governing body

What was the "most" important decision the Continental Congress made?

Choosing George Washington as the commander of the Continental Army.

At the Second Continental Congress meeting in 1775, the Continental Congress knew they had to address two issues-what were the issues?

1. Unity among the colonies 2. Make plans for an organized army.

What was Baron von Stueben's role in the war?

He was responsible for training the Continental Army-readying them for battle by teaching them drills and military strategies.

What were some of the challenges facing the Patriots at Valley Forge?

1. lack of food 2. Lack of adequate shelter 3. Depression and anxiety 4. lack of clothing and/or shoes for elements.

The 2nd Continental Congress's answer to funding the war effort was by printing an abundance of paper money; however, the Congress did not have silver and gold to back up value-what did this lead to in the economy?

inflation-prices of standard goods were inflated.

Why did the Native Americans side with the British?

The Natives saw the British as a less of a threat to their goals, which were to get their land back.

Who was responsible for strengthening the opinions and thoughts of the those in the West of the Appalachian Mountains?

George Rogers Clark

What did the British do to try and cut off the supply lines of the Patriots?

They developed a blockade using their large ships at the more popular American harbors.

What did the Patriots do in response the blockades created by the British navy?

They hired privateers and their ships to break through the blockades.

What military warfare was Francis Marion known for using? Be able to explain the warfare.

Guerilla Warfare

Why did the British want to guide the fighting to the South?

They had many of their Loyalist there, and they believed they would receive support from them-they did not receive it in the end.

What was the significance of the Patriot victory at King's Mountain?

It helped the Patriots to gain support for independence from the Southerners.

Why were the Patriots able to win the Battle of Yorktown?

They had gained supporters along the way, but they won mainly because of the poor shape that the British were in with little or low supplies and many British soldiers were either sick or wounded.

Which treaty brought an end to the Revolutionary War and who was instrumental in getting in approved?

The Treaty of Paris-Benjamin Franklin

Be able to list at least four reasons explaining why the Americans were able to win the Revolutionary War.

Use your notes and resources.

Be able to explain how the Americans winning the war affected other countries. (be able to include at least three reasons)

Use your notes and resources.