Module 8: Adolescent - Physical Development


A health-care professional should diagnose anorexia nervosa when a girl:

weighs less than 85 percent of her ideal weight.

The FIRST physical sign that a girl is reaching puberty _____.

the growth spurt

Libby weighs only 85 pounds, exercises incessantly, and eats practically nothing. Libby's diagnosis is _____.

anorexia nervosa

Joe's penis has recently grown longer, and his shoulders have become more muscular. Which hormone caused these changes?


The hormones that DIRECTLY produce the body changes of puberty are produced by the _____.


The timing of puberty is determined by:

genetics and a variety of environmental forces.

Which teenager is adhering to the "thin ideal"?

Carrie, whose weight is normal even though she feels "too fat

Girls menstruated at an average age of 16 in the nineteenth century, but today some girls reach menarche as early as age 9. This phenomenon is called the _____ trend.


High school sex-education classes:

are controversial around the world.

Which eating disorders involve out-of-control eating?

bulimia nervosa and binge eating disorder

Goran and Amelia are designing an innovative sex education course at their U.S. high school. According to the text, which of the following should be their MAIN priority?

Talk about how to develop relationships, rather than just focusing on "biology.