MLT 141 Test 3B

What is normal flora in genital/vaginal/cervical cultures that resembles GC?

Moraxella osloenisis (Moraxilla sp)

Moraxella osloenisis

found in vaginal specimens, OX +, GN diplococci, but glucose negative (does not ferment glucose)

Capnophilic organisms require

extra CO2

Moraxilla (Branhamella) catarrhalis

grows on nutrient agar at 37*C, is Dnase + and negative for fermentation with all the carbs, CAT and OX +

N. gonorrhoeae is kept best when transported to lab in

Jembec system

When gonorrhea is resistant to standard treatment another drug used is


In recent years gonorrhea has become R to penicillin and is called

Penicillinase producing diplococci

Test used to aid in the detection of N. lactamica is

beta galactosidase test

Test that distinguishes N. lactamica and menigitidis


Thayer-Martin and Martin-Lewis differ from each other due to the inhibitor


Purpose of vancomycin in TM and ML agar is to

Inhibit GP bacteria

Purpose of nystatin and anisomycin in TM and ML agar is to

inhibit yeast

Modified Thayer-Martin contains

vancomycin, colistin, nystatin, & trimethoprim

N. gonorrhoeae appears as

flat, gray colonies and on GS is gram negative, coffee bean shaped diplococci

When bacteria that you KNOW should be gram negative looks gram positive, what does that say about your GS technique?

You undercolorized

Waterhouse-Friderichsen is caused by

N. meningitides

Most common serotypes of N. men found in the U.S. are

A, B, C

Which Neisseria tends to autolyse if left in room air too long


Test used to distinguish OX + colonies growing on ML agar & also the Neisseria sp

carb ferm test

All Neisseria sp are OX +


Organism is OX +, GN diplococci, gluc & maltose +. but sucrose & lactose -. What is it?

N. meingitidis

The CO2 tablet in JEMBEC system is made of

bicarbonate and citric acid

If a urethral smear shows GNC, in pairs with flattened side within the PMNs, how is it reported?

Intracellular GN diplococci

Under what conditions are CTA media incubated?

Non CO2, 35*C for 24 hrs

What is a major cause on nongonococcal urethritis in both males & females?


Form of PID that causes blocked fallopian tubes is?


When you have a small volume of CSF which plate is most important to culture?


95% of meningitis is due to these organisms

H. flu, N. men, S. pneumo

A small GPR that causes meningitis & speiciemia in newborns is


#1 cause of meningitis in newborns is
#2 cause is

GP B strep (S. agalactiae); E. coli

A CSF on a newborn, based on answer to #36 would show what biochemical rxns

CAMP +, bacitracin and bile esculin neg

Epidemic outbreaks of newborn meningitis are often caused by


Elderly, immunocompromised people often have meningitis from (Also causes chronic meningitis)

M. tuberculosis. Also causes chronic meningitis

Aseptic meningitis is caused by what?

Viruses, tumor, drugs, chemicals

What type of meningitis is most associated with CONS and Corynebacterium?

Shunt associated

Toxoplasma gondii is a major cause of CNS infections in what population?

AIDs patients

Which tube of the CSF collection is used for the cell count?
Which for microbiology?

3; 2

Crytococcus neofromans in CSF is detected by?

India Ink Test

The Quellung test is used to ID what organisms?

N. men, H. flu, S. pneumo

What pathogens need at lease 10mL of CSF for ID?

Mycobacterium and Crytococcus

If CSF has to be held before culture, at what temp?
If only limited time, which test should be done 1st?

35*C +/-1; Culture and gram stain

Symptoms of meningococcal meningitis?

Stiff neck, rash, high fever

In what age group do the majority of CSF infection occur?

Children <5