Nitrogen Disposal

An exopeptidase cleaves the N-terminal residue from oligopeptides in the small intestines. What enzyme is this?


Where are the branched-chain amino acids coming from when they reach the muscles?


Without the resorption of cystine, this leads to accumulation of stones of cystine in the urinary tract. What disorder is this?


What reaction removes an amino group and produces a keto acid and glutamate?


What amino acids cannot participate in transamination?

Lysine and Threonine

What aminotransferase reaction catalyzes the reaction that produces pyruvate and glutamate?

Alanine Aminotransferase

The coenzyme pyridoxal phosphate that's required for all aminotransferases are covalently linked to what amino acid?


What transferase is the most sensitive and the most abundant in the liver?

Aspartate Aminotransferase

When the energy in cells are high, what will be synthesized in the process of reductive amination?

Amino Acids