Where is most freshwater that is available for human consumption found?


How does water get beneath earths surface after it rains?

By percolating through the soil and down into the rocks

Water stored in sediments and rocks beneath earths surface is called:


The level where rocks and soil become saturated with water is called:

Water table

Water that will become groundwater falls on the surface of earth when

It raisn

Water first percolates through the


Then, water reaches the ________ beneath.


Eventually, the water reaches the __________, where the rocks and soil are already _________ with water.

water table

Why is a water table not like a table in your home?

A water table is an underground level where rocks and soil are saturated with water and a table in my home is something I eat on or put things on

What is the difference between water tables in wet and desert regions?

Water tables in wet regions are at the earths surface and a spring of fresh water may flow out onto the ground. Water tables in desert regions may be hundreds of meters beneath the earths surface.

What movement occurs with groundwater? What causes this movement?

The movement is groundwater flowing from the peaks of the water table to the valleys. Surface water flowing downhill causes this movement.

Why might a spring flow out of the ground in a wet region?

Because of the abundance of water