Cellular respiration and Photosynthesis

What are the three major steps of cellular respiration in order?

Sunlight, water, glucose

How are the chemical equations for photosynthesis and cellular respiration related or compared?

They both consume and make the same products

Write the balanced chemical equation for photosynthesis and cellular respiration:

photosynthesis: 6CO2+6H2O ------>6O2+C6H12O6
CR: C6H12+6O2------------>6CO2+6H2O+ ATP

How much ATP is made at the end of Glycolysis?


Where does the electron transport chain happen in the mitochondria?

inner membrane

What molecules pass high energy electrons to the electron transport chain (ETC)?


How much ATP is produced at the end of of all the processes of cellular respiration?


What are the final products of cellular respiration?

ATP carbon dioxide water

In what organisms does cellular respiration occur?

all organisms

The starting molecule for glycolysis is


Cellular respiration releases energy by breaking down glucose in the presence of


Organisms that make their own food such as plants are called:


What is an example of a heterotroph?


Most plants appear green because chlorophyll reflects which color?


Which colors are absorbed by plants that appear green?

Red and Blue

Plants get the energy they need from the


Describe the stroma:

the colorless fluid surrounding the grana within the chloroplast.

Where is the chlorophyll found?

Thylakoid sacs

Where does the light dependent reaction take place?

Thylakoid membrane

What are the produces of the light dependent reaction?


Where are the photosystems found?

Thylakoid membrane

What happens in the stroma?

Calvin cycle produces sugar

What is another name for the Calvin cycle?

light independent reaction

During the light _____________ reaction, plants use the energy in ATP and NADPH to build high-energy sugars.