Positioning: Chapter 10 - Bony Thorax


Which of the following form the bony thorax?
1. Sternum
2. 12 pairs of ribs
3. 12 thoracic vertebrae

1,2, and 3

Ribs lie in an oblique plane in the thorax. How are the anterior ends situated in comparison to the posterior ends?

3 to 5 inches lower

Which of the following is the essential projection and body position for demonstration of the sternum?

PA oblique, RAO

How much should the body be rotated for a PA oblique projection of the sternum?

15 to 20 degrees

Where is the IR centered for a PA oblique sternum?

Seventh thoracic vertebra

Which breathing techniques can be used when performing an oblique projection of the sternum?
1. Inspiration
2. Expiration
3. Slow, shallow breathing

2 and 3

Where should the patient's hands be positioned for an upright lateral sternum?

Locked behind the back

Which of the following statements is true about floating ribs?
a. They do not possess a head
b. They do not possess a costovertebral joint
c. They do not possess costocartilage
d. They are ribs 8 through 12