American History Chapter 2 Quiz

Why did William Penn view Pennsylvania as a "holy experiment"?

He envisioned a land where people of many faiths would live in peace.

How did Barbados influence the institution of slavery in the English Atlantic?

A comprehensive set of laws was enacted to govern relations with slaves.

How did Virginia Company of London treasurer Sir Edwin Sandys attract settlers to Virginia?

He instituted a system allotting land to anyone who paid for his passage to Virginia.

The Dutch settlement of New Amsterdam was located in present-day Albany. (T/F


The Puritans believed that Satan had no interest in their communities (T/F)


The Mayflower Compact was a political document that stated the principles that would govern the Pilgrims' community in New England (T/F)


How did the settlement of Puritan New England differ from that of the colonies of the Chesapeake?

Puritans migrated as families

All of the following are true of the Puritans who immigrated to America EXCEPT that

They lived in Holland before leaving for America

Who were permitted to vote in Massachusetts?

Male church members

Why were colonial powers like the French, Spanish, and English constantly warring over their Caribbean possessions?

The enormous wealth of the sugar economy made these colonies especially valuable