Abeka US History Quiz 27


Woodrow Wilson

Name the first President since John Adams to make a personal appearance before Congress.

Underwood-Simmons Bill

What tariff act also provided for a tax on personal incomes?

Federal Reserve Act

Name the act which established a privately controlled central banking system under the auspices of the federal government.

General John Pershing

Name the American general who pursued Pancho Villa into Mexico in 1916.


What group of people did the 19th Amendment benefit?

right to vote

What right did the 19th Amendment extend to this group?


Name the process by which a stipulated percentage of voters in a state can initiate or begin the passage of state law.


What process may be used to remove an official from office before his term expires?


What form of local government was introduced to increase efficiency in Galveston, Texas?

17th Amendment

Which amendment changed the method of electing senators?