IP access list-based
Encrypted authentication

Which two mechanisms are available to secure NTP? (Choose two)

The network device was unable to reach the NTP server when the log messages were recorded.

Why would a log file contain a * next to the date?

A route back to the R1 LAN network is missing in R2.
The threshold value is wrong.

What are two reasons for IP SLA tracking failure? (Choose two )

event manager applet EEM_IP_SLA
event track 10 state down

The IP SLA is configured in a router. An engineer must configure an EEM applet to shut down the interface and bring it back up when there is a problem with the IP SLA. Which configuration should the engineer use?

It uses active traffic monitoring
It is Layer 2 transport-independent

Which two statements about IP SLA are true? (Choose two)

UDP jitter

Which IP SLA operation requires the IP SLA responder to be configured on the remote end?

CPU and memory utilization are reduced.The number of packets to be analyzed are reduced.

Which are two results of implementing this feature instead of traditional NetFlow? (Choose two)

Option D .... Recored V4_r1.....

Which command set must be added to the configuration to analyze 50 packets out of every 100?

Specify a different UDP port

Refer to the exhibit. How can you configure a second export destination for IP address
configure terminal
ip flow-export destination 9991
ip flow-export version 9


A network is being migrated from IPv4 to IPv6 using a dual-stack approach. Network management is already 100% IPv6 enabled. In a dual-stack network with two dual-stack NetFlow collections, how many flow exporters are needed per network device in the flexi