GSC3600 exam 1

The collection of people, technology, and systems within an organization that has primary responsibility for providing the organization's products or services is called:


What are the components of the operations function in an organization?

transformation process, provide intangibles, and operations management

What are the flows typically found in a supply chain?

Physical, informational, monetary

What are the elements of the SCOR model?

planning, sourcing, make, delivery, and return ( all of activities)

Does every organization has an operations function?

Every organization has an operations function.

The supply chain is a network of manufacturers and service providers that work together to create products or services needed by end users.


To participate in a supply chain, a firm must actually handle the physical goods at some point.


is an example of an output of the transformation process.

Satisfied Customers

Most organizations function as part of a larger supply chain.


What are the examples of an infrastructural elements.

Decision Rules
Organizational Structure Choices

Policies and decision rules are infrastructural elements.


The firm's targeted customers, time frames, and performance objectives are identified by their:

Business Strategy

What are objectives of an operations and supply chain strategy?

- Help management chooses the right mix of structural and infrastructural elements.
- Ensure the firm's structural and infrastructural choices are strategically aligned with the firm's business strategy.
- Support the development of core competencies

Be able to calculate the value index!!

ex: 3 x 1 + 4 x 3 etc etc ADD THEM UP . multiply importance by performance for each dimension and add them up. Higher Number is BETTER VALUE

If a product was made or service performed to specifications that is know as

Conformance quality

Core competencies can be described as:

organizational strengths and abilities that have been developed over time

Lieutenant Columbo donned his raincoat and hopped into his 1959 Peugeot, hot on the trail of another condescending millionaire murder suspect. The Peugeot always drew stares, not because it was a rare automobile, but because it was an eyesore. It had one

reliability quality scale

What are the advantages of a production line process

lower per unit cost of items produced on the line, high-volume production, predetermined pace

The Devon Tower graces the Oklahoma City skyline and is officially the tallest building in the state. The manufacturing process used to produce this jewel is most likely:

fixed-position layout

A manufacturing process decision affects what

The type of workforce needed, type of equipment needed and the type of products that can be made

A job shop manufacturing process is better suited to make a variety of products than a continuous flow process


No manufacturing process can be best at everything.


In a supply chain, the output from an upstream process is linked to the adjacent downstream process.


The point where the customer interfaces directly with the service organization is:

Front Room

A set of logically related tasks or activities performed to achieve a defined business outcome is a:


The majority of the total operating budget for most organizations is represented by:

Supply Chain costs

A support process performs necessary, value-added activities of an organization.


A primary process addresses the main, value-added activities of an organization.


A process that seeks to improve the performance of the main value-added and necessary, non-value-added activities is a(n) development process.


Be able to calculate efficiency

(Actual output/strandard output) x 100

Which of the following approaches to process improvement could be described as process benchmarking?

comparison of an organization's processes with those of noncompetitors that have been identified as having superior processes
Employees at the campus housing and dining service visit Ritz Carlton to pick up ideas on managing long-term guests

In statistical terms, a process that achieves Six Sigma quality will generate about:

3.4 defects per 1 million opportunities