GRY 135 - Investigations 13A

1. In Figure 13A-3, most of Northern California was under a ______ warning.

Red Flag

2. The graphical forecast images cover ______.

Five Days

3. The graphical forecasts section is divided into ______.

Day and night

4. In the Figure 13A-4, Detailed Forecast section, the forecast weather conditions during the first three days include additional information not in the graphical forecasts, about ______.


5. The Detailed Forecasts extend ______ days in the future.


6. Scroll down the page and click on one of the thumbnail maps for the National Digital Forecast Database, High Temperatures. The default Daily View tab maps can be advanced or backed in 12-hr periods.
Individual maps for most weather elements (e.g., temp


7. Which of the weather parameters listed below is not reported in the regional observations shown in Figure 13A-5?


8. This relationship can be seen in Figure 13A-5. Because the relative humidity would be 100% if the temperature and dewpoint were the same, the data in Figure 13A-5 infers that the greater the difference between temperature and dewpoint, the ______ the r


9. Compare the regional report from Figure 13A-5 with Figure 13A-6. The reports show the same weather parameters in both tables except for ______.


10. From the portion of the Figure 13A-6 wind values listed, the highest sustained wind speed reported for Sacramento Airport was ______ mph.
At 6:50 AM on 19 November 2019, they also reported gusts (GXX) at 13 mph, with wind speeds of 6 mph. Gusts are di


11. The relative humidity ______ throughout the daytime hours.


12. The maximum sea level pressure was ______ mb.


13. The clouds on the hourly observations showed the greatest amount of sky covered by clouds was ______.


14. Figure 13A-6 and Figure 13A-7 do not report all the same weather conditions. One condition not listed in both reports is ______.

Relative Humidity

15. The national map displays surface observations to determine large-scale weather patterns and features. Temperatures reported on Figure 13A-8 show the area of the nation with the warmest temperatures was the ______.


16. Figure 13A-9 is a sample regional map, one of nine including Alaska and Hawaii, provided from Weather Studies Maps & Links, Surface Maps. This map is labeled ______. This map is for the same time as the national map in Figure 13A-8.

Northwest - Data

17. The regional maps display more stations, allowing for a more detailed weather analysis. For a comparison of the densities of stations on the two maps, the national map has one station plotted in Oregon while the regional map has ______ stations in Ore


18. The meteogram portrays ______ hourly observations over the time period shown.