Coal mining vocabulary

Kettle Bottom

Miners have given this nickname to a dangerous g petrified plant remains that increases the risk of roof falls in underground coal mines.

black damp

Mixture of carbon dioxide and nitrogen s that can build-up in mines causing poisoning, asphyxiation, and ultimately death if left untreated.


A roof support of props timbers or ties, laid in alternate cross layers.

Miners Pay

wages are a trifle over $10 a week for six full days


the exposed area of a coal bed.

Man trip

A carrier of miners, to and from the work area.


A gas produced by bacteria from hydrogen and carbon dioxide which is potentially explosive


A primary opening though mine strara used for ventilation.

White damp

carbon monoxide, CO

Roof fall

A coal mine cave-in especially in permanent areas such as entries.


using a pick to cut a4 feet so coal can fall after the blast


columns of coal. to help hold roof

canaries in the coal mine

An early warning of a serious problem at hand


miners payment instead of cash

Coal Seam

a bed of coal usually thick enough to be profitably mined

trapper boy

open doors for coal cars

Mule Drivers

gathered the loaded mine cars from the various rooms and delivered empties


´┐ŻUsed to prop and hold the roof top in a mines