Chapter 1

applied art

the design or decoration of functional objects to make them pleasing to the eye.

fine art

refers to painting, sculpture, and architecture which generally have no practical function and are valued by the success in communicating ideas or feelings.

art history

what art method are you using when gathering information about what influenced an artist to create a piece of work?

art criticism

what art method is used when gathering information about the elements used in a piece of art?

applied art has a useful purpose. fine art is useless.

what is the difference between applied art and fine art?


who creates fine art?

craftspeople, designers, and artisans

who creates applied art?


did artists in the middle ages seek personal recognition?

to glorify God

why did artists in the middle ages create?

color, line, value, texture, shape, form, space

what are the 7 art elements?

pencils, paint, clay, crafts

what are some example of art media?

drawing, painting, sculpting

give examples of art processes.

objects and materials that an artist uses to make art

what is art media?

the action involved in making art.

what is an art process?


a scholar who usually specializes in identifying the criteria to be used in determining the significance of artworks.

art criticism

the discussion or evaluation of visual art. when you gather information from what is contained in the work of art.

art history

the academic study of objects of art in their historical development and stylistic contexts.

Katsushika Hokasai

what Japanese artist was consumed with creating artwork?

illustrations of anything and everything.

what kind of artwork did the Japanese artist (Hokasai) create?

Paul Cezanne

who painted the Monte Sainte Victorie?

he saw something no one else could see.

why did Cezanne paint the Monte Sainte Victorie so many times?

Jose Clemente Orosco

what Mexican Muralist painted artwork in protest of the treatment of peasants?


what's the name of Orosco's painting?

the legs of men overlap and get smaller in size.

how does Orosco's painting show movement?


where can you go to see artwork?


do people try to preserve the art for future generations?

chair, building, logos

give examples of an applied art.

provide enjoyment, record history, and persuade people.

what can artwork do for us as viewers and people?