APUSH DBQ 6.19-6.20

Why did multiple European officers volunteered their swords?

For pay $$$

Who was Marquis de Lafayette?

Wealthy French nobleman who joins the American cause. Serves under George Washington during the winter at Valley Forge. Helped get French aid to colonies fighting the British.

What were the Articles of Confederation (1781)?

United States first Constitution after the American Revolution

Why did the Articles of Confederation fail?

They were too weak to bind the States together.

How did inflation affect people during the Revolutionary War?

Families were hit hard because debt collectors collected "without mercy

Why did colonists not have many weapons prior to French aid?

The Association which banned all British goods

What was Valley Forge?

Valley Forge was the location where Washington and his army spent a very difficult winter

What is a bayonet?

Small knife attached to end of a rifle

How did women help in the Revolutionary War?

They maintained farms and business

What were camp followers

Women who followed the Continental Army during the American Revolution, providing cooking and sewing in return for rations.

Who was Baron von Steuben?

a Prussian (German) general who helped train Continental army

Who was Lord Donmore?

The royal governor of Virginia in 1775

What did Lord Dunmore promise to African Americans who joined the British cause and fought on the British side?